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Your Personalised Health Retreat

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Why Come to an Amchara Health Retreat?

Amchara Health Retreats are for anyone who wishes to change their physical health, emotional well-being and lifestyle that drives these in a positive, sustainable way. Amchara's motto is 'Change for Good' and we have an approach, based on functional medicine, that is used in a supportive and nurturing environment that we call Personalised Health.

Your Personalised Retreat Experience

Personalised for You

At Amchara we understand that every person is different, so our Naturopathic Health experts tailor programmes to suit each individual’s needs and can be designed to include:
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Juice or Water Fasting
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Freshly Prepared Healthy Food
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Active Exercise Classes
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Educational Presentations
  • Amchara Check Box Icon State of the Art Health Tests
  • Amchara Check Box Icon 1:1 Psychological Support
  • Amchara Check Box Icon 1:1 Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Colonics & Coffee Enemas
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Spa Facilities
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Health Treatments
  • Amchara Check Box Icon Fresh Supplements

Your Personalised Retreat

At Amchara we have an approach to health that balances 3 strategies of detoxification, replenishment and education. We provide a supportive, attentive and nurturing environment and we aim to optimise the opportunity for you to make positive changes in your health and lifestyle.

When you book your stay at Amchara, you choose the retreat options that are right for you. Our experienced health team, who will nurture you, will assist in tailoring your personal retreat experience.

Your Personalised Retreat Experience

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