Tailored nutrition

Nutrition tailored to you

Tailored nutrition is a vital element for you to achieve optimal health. People say ‘we are what we eat’, actually this is not completely true, we are in fact what we absorb or assimilate. We all have differences in how we absorb food and we all have different lifestyles. Tailoring nutrition to your unique physiology gives you the best health retreat experience for the short-term and the best long-term health outcomes too.

Your goals and needs are individual and our job is to help you match them.

We can review your current lifestyle and food/nutrition habits choices. We can work with you to create a Personalised Health plan that works for you.


Your food options

Our retreats offer you a multitude of healthy food options including raw, vegan, and Palaeolithic choices. You may also have the options of soups, smoothies, juices and broths if you prefer a deeper detox or maybe wish to fast.

All of our food is freshly prepared and organic wherever possible. Our chefs offer food demonstrations and health education workshops, these prove very popular and can support you for long-term change.

You receive an entry and exit health screening with our health team and they will work with you to create your tailored nutrition plan for your stay and for when you leave helping you to ‘Change for Good’

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Relationship with food
In the Western world our food has changed more within the last 60 years than it has in the previous 10,000.

The standard daily diet today is full of foods laced with sugar, hydrogenated fats and salt. Food companies are very skilled at manufacturing these foods to reach a ‘bliss point’ where these foods are the most addictive they can be.

In a ‘natural world’ we’d rarely encounter foods with sugar, fat and salt and would gorge them when given a chance and our bodies store these rare, precious ingredients. Our bodies cannot react to the necessary evolutionary adaptations in such a short space of time and the abundance of these foods underpins the explosion in chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity and heart disease.

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Changing your relationship with food

We will support you in understanding your food triggers, exploring positive healthy alternatives that you can enjoy and experimenting with mindfulness principles that empower you to bridge the gap between stimulus and response.

Forming a positive relationship with food makes the change process sustainable and doable for you. We work with you to find foods you can enjoy and also to learn that a little indulgence is realistic and part of a modern world so learning to give yourself permission for flexibility here and there and forgiving yourself is an important part of the change process.

Change that lasts is change that is achievable, we provide the supportive and nurturing environment to allow your body and mind to gently develop positive new choices.

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Ideally you would get everything you need for your health from food, particularly if you opt for organic food. Organic food is naturally your best option though the reality of modern soil is that it is depleted in many of the natural minerals that used to be abundant.

Modern agricultural methods undermine the nutritional foundations of the soil in which our food grows and even organic food cannot compete with the soil in which our fresh vegetables and plants grew decades ago.

Minerals iodine, selenium and magnesium are 3 key examples of this:

Today’s soil contains a fraction of these minerals than the soil of the 1950’s and therefore it can be wise to supplement with tailored vitamins, herbs and minerals for optimal nutrition.

In our retreats we offer our optional super-supplementation range. These highly-nutritional supplements include Wheatgrass, blue/green Algae, Aloe Ferox, Spirulina, Turmeric, Reishi Mushroom, Maca and Mineral Blend.

Outside of the retreat our practitioners can tailor a specific supplement programme for you based on your individual needs. It is prudent not just to guzzle a multitude of supplements but carefully select the ones you need to help you reach optimal health.

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360° approach
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Amchara’s overall mission is to empower you to total health and your personalised health plan can create the foundation for good long-term health, excellent longevity and very low risk of disease.

We can support you to achieve your optimum health or ‘360 health’ by measuring your gut, hormone and genetic performance with a series of functional tests that help us to personalise your health in a detailed way.

These functional tests can be for individuals with a health problem or alternatively for those who are seeking optimal health.

We offer a complimentary 15-minute mini-consultation to explore if this is a positive option for you.

Two stunning locations
Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK

Improve your health & vitality at Amchara’s rural 19th Century country Manor in the stunning Somerset countryside.

About Amchara Somerset
Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta

Enjoy the ultimate detox in the sun on the historic island of Gozo; Europe’s best kept secret.

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Amchara Somerset, UK
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Fantastic experience

“We had a fantastic experience at Amchara. The support of the staff and knowing that it is always possible to adjust the fast makes things easier. The spa facilities are lovely and the setting is excellent.”

antigua78 - 6 May 2018
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor
Perfect for a detox

“I have been going to Amchara every year for the last 6 years and hope to keep going every year! The retreat is in an amazing, beautiful, tranquil location. I would highly recommend a visit to Amchara”

cooperkeeble - 14 May 2018
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor
Relaxing & rejuvenating

“We thoroughly benefitted from our 2 weeks at Amchara. My husbands blood sugar levels were monitored & proved to him that is possible to control type 2 diabetes with diet. We both lost 11 lbs each in two weeks.”

AMRM804 - 23 January 2018
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor

The core health team at Amchara UK
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Kirstie Chisolm

Health Director

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Rose Chamberlain

Naturopathic Nutritionist

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Dr. Patricia Saintey

Amchara Doctor

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Aly Whitely

Holistic & Emotional Support Therapist

We have a fantastic team of people at Amchara Somerset. From highly experienced naturopaths and health experts to executive chefs and qualified exercise instructors, we’re all here with one aim - to help you Change For Good.

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Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth