Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation

Does your colon need cleansing?

Looking after your gut health with colonics may be helpful for anyone suffering from body odour or dermatitis, due to the cleansing of gut toxins.

Some people suggest that it can give major relief to gastrointestinal conditions such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, lethargy, candida, thrush infections and more.

The goal of a colon cleanse should be to help the digestive organs do their job in the best way possible, managing things that get in the way and interfere with normal bowel functions

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Table of Content:


What is Colonic Irrigation?

The process of colonic irrigation, which is similar to enema, involves the act of cleansing the colon by introducing water through the rectum at a controlled pressure.

Just before the pressure resulting from water inside the colon reaches a point which causes discomfort, the flow of water is reversed and the wastes are removed from the body.

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Colonic Irrigation Benefits

There are many suggested benefits of colonic irrigation as a method of cleansing the body.


  1. It may empty pockets and improve muscle contraction
  2. It may cleanse, tone and exercise the colon
  3. It may improve faecal transit time
  4. It may re-educate the colon, helping it return to its more original form
  5. It may balance the micro-flora ecosystem
  6. It may increase the absorption of nutrients through the colon wall
  7. It may decrease the enterotoxins from re-entering the body (leaky gut syndrome)
  8. It may decrease the risk of colon cancer by regular health maintenance
  9. It may improve circulation
  10. It may clean the toxins present in the intestines, especially as hardened waste materials are removed
  11. The process of colon cleanses may also help in strengthening the muscles which line the colon
  12. It may help in smoothening the process of peristalsis
  13. The bowel movement may become normal which helps in relieving problems like constipation
  14. There may be an improvement in the complexion of the skin

As the flow of nutrients, blood and other fluids become smooth, body cells are able to function properly and generate sufficient energy.

It could help to increase the energy levels and maintains the overall health of a person.

One of the colonic irrigation benefits is that it could provide relief from problems such as excessive gas and bloating.

The discomfort caused by swelling of the abdominal area, which might cause pain is termed as bloating.

It is generally accompanied by ‘borborygmus’ i.e. a rumbling sound produced by gas movement in the intestines.

Losing excess weight is also suggested to be one of the colonic irrigation benefits which are important for maintaining good health.

The amount of waste flushed out of the body during colonic hydrotherapy could range from 2 to 25 pounds.

The huge weight of waste applies immense pressure on the delicate organs of the abdomen.

This knock-on effect could lead to the damage of body parts in the long run.

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The Effects on the Mind


“Clear body, clear mind”, is the phrase which is best exemplified by the purification process carried out by colonic irrigation.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits of colonic hydrotherapy, one can also observe its positive effects on the mind after treatment.

Most of the world’s health ailments have their origin in problems related to digestion.

If the digestive health is maintained and the system is kept free of toxins, it is possible to lead a much healthier life.

Coming back to the topic of “clear body, clear mind”, our mental state and thinking is largely affected by the state of the body.

It is difficult for a body contaminated with toxins and impurities to support a healthy mind.

Clarity of thinking cannot be maintained if one suffers from the above-mentioned problems.

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Counter Views

There are some who don’t recommend the use of colonic irrigation due to the possibility of infection and the flushing out of good bacteria.

Minerals like sodium and potassium could be washed and might cause dehydration.

The tools used for hydrotherapy might cause allergic reactions.

The treatment of hydrotherapy has been used since ancient times.

Along with the colonic irrigation benefits, one should also consider its side-effects.

Finally, the importance of maintaining the health of the colon shouldn’t be overlooked and one should take all possible steps to achieve this objective.

The subject of Colonic Irrigation is often talked about, as many people do have preconceived ideas regarding what the process is, with many people imagining the worst, and feeling generally uncomfortable about the idea.

In fact, the benefits of a colonic treatment can leave you feeling, clean, revitalised and rejuvenated.

The treatment itself exercises and cleanses the bowel, helping with elimination both during and after treatment, eliminating toxins and reducing the toxic load on the body.

Colonic treatment may be useful for helping relieve symptoms of a number of health conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation, where the bowel can be normalised by water temperature.

Bowel transit time may be improved by the treatment, and many secondary conditions could be eliminated.

Including those affecting other eliminative organs; for example, skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema are improved.

The benefits of a healthy gut may be seen soon after your treatment and include a clearer, healthier complexion, improved mental clarity and fewer headaches.

Colonic Irrigation could help to improve immune system function; which is all important in the winter months when so many of us succumb to colds and flu.

Those looking to lose those pesky last few pounds or to kick-start a weight loss regime will find that they are lighter immediately after treatment, and when accompanied by the Juice Fast and nutrition talks from our specialist, will give you a fantastic head start towards your goal.

The benefits may continue after treatment as the colon is better equipped and more able to absorb nutrients from your food.

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Colonic Irrigation may not be suitable for those who have existing medical conditions and there are contra-indications to this treatment programme.

If you have any of the following conditions below you will be unable to participate in the colonics programme.

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anemia
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Diverticulitis
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Dysentery
  • An abdominal Hernia
  • Any form of cancer
  • Severe/Uncontrolled Hypertension
  • Recent colon or rectal surgery
  • Pregnancy
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Heart Disease
  • Eating Disorders

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The Scoop on Poop


Digestive health is often overlooked and not openly talked about.

With health issues like;

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Celiac Disease
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Diverticulitis

..On the increase, most of us need to be more aware of our digestive health.

Hollie, our manager at Amchara Gozo (qualified colonic hydrotherapist and naturopath) is passionate about digestive health and lives by the “all disease begins in the gut” motto.

As a colonic hydrotherapist, she is able to give an abundance of feedback to her clients on the state of their digestive system, based on what she observes during the colonic hydrotherapy sessions.

“It so important to evaluate your poop,” says Hollie, “you need to be looking at the frequency, form, odor as well as the colour.”

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”Hippocrates

Here is Hollie’s scoop on poop:


  • 2-3 soft stools per day is optimal
  • You want the feeling of complete elimination afterward
  • Over four stools per day indicate overactive and/or digestive system
  • Less than one per day indicates constipation, inadequate elimination of acid and toxins.


  • If your stool is too loose? Try Bentonite clay, charcoal, Zeolites, and probiotics.*
  • If your stool is too hard? Hydrate, check thyroid, eat chia seeds and take magnesium, probiotics.*
  • The following image was developed at Bristol University by gastroenterologists and is a good indicator of colon health.


  • Bad odour indicates old waste, candida, celiac disease, inadequate digestion, poor food combining.


  • Dark brown is optimal!
  • Black – could mean blood in upper GI tract
  • Yellow/Green – liver, gallbladder or pancreas stress.
  • Mucus – candida, dairy, parasites


At Amchara Gozo we offer optional colonic hydrotherapy by qualified and highly experienced staff.

We also facilitate self-administered water and/or coffee enemas which are explained by our naturopath on arrival.

* Always speak to a qualified practitioner before taking supplements

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What happens to your bowels and why?

A modern diet has lead to a large increase in gut dysbiosis.

Your intestinal tract is a complex organ that has to consume and digest every piece of food that enters your mouth.

Often it is filled with denatured or processed foods that constipate and irritate the colon, making it extremely hard to process food and digest it efficiently.

Our colons are responsible for absorbing water, vitamins, and minerals from our food. A constipated and toxic bowel is unable to adequately absorb these essential nutrients.

This can lead to a nutritional deficiency and an imbalance in the gut flora.

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Causes of Bowel Toxicity


When food is not digested properly it begins to build up in your colon and irritate the delicate walls of the intestine.

The natural reaction is for the bowel to create a glue-like mucus to protect it, which also builds up in your colon creating more of an irritation and dysfunction in the bowel.

This slows up the digestive process, allowing for toxic substances that would otherwise be eliminated in a fully functioning bowel to pass through into the blood and lymphatic system.

This then spreads into other tissues and can overburden other organs in your body such as the liver which now has the arduous task of dealing with this toxicity.

The body’s white blood cells also have to work overtime to fight these toxins, leaving very few to fend off pathogenic micro-organisms that lead to disease.


Symptoms of Bowel Toxicity

You may get constipated, experience flatulence, abdominal swelling, and IBS.

These are just some of the physical symptoms associated with bowel dysfunction.

Other symptoms less obvious in relation to our colon are headaches, skin problems, difficulty in losing weight, low energy levels, liver disorders and emotionally held issues.

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Flushing Out Toxins With Colonic Irrigation


Most of the toxins that are in our bodies are held in our fat stores.

When we are detoxing through fasting or even just by having a super clean diet, our body starts to detoxify, breaks down the fat stores and this releases toxins into the bloodstream.

These toxins then end up in your liver and your liver purges them and send them to your intestine, and then eventually through your colon where we eliminate the majority of our waste.

If you use a colonic or an enema whilst detoxing, you may facilitate the elimination of the toxins via the colon far more rapidly than if you just let nature take its course.

There is an additional benefit too.

Your small intestine is responsible for the vast amount of chemical absorption of good nutrients into your body.

What has left passes into the colon and the colon reabsorbs as much of the water as possible from this waste matter through a process called osmosis?

As this water is reabsorbed into the body, the water carries some of the toxicity that your body has tried to eliminate and this can be reabsorbed into the body via the large intestine.

If you are having a colonic or an enema then you may speed up the process of elimination.

How Colonics Could Help

Colonic hydrotherapy has had a lot of press in recent years, popularised by health experts and celebrity fans as a way to reboot your health.

While colonic treatments might sound daunting, they can be a great way to gently detoxify your body, and get it feeling and looking great once again.

Get a bright and youthful glow

With unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, our bodies can accumulate waste for months and even years.

All that built-up matter can leave toxins flooding the system, leaving you feeling ill and tired, and it shows on the outside too.

Colonics work by giving your internal colon a flushing bath, to rinse out toxins and excess waste matter that can build up over the years.

Cleansing your body of toxins lets it rejuvenate itself from within, and may combat longstanding skin conditions like acne or psoriasis, giving you healthy, younger looking skin with a vibrant glow.


Feel revived and energetic

When you’re dealing with a high-stress lifestyle, your body might also start to feel sluggish and tired.

Poor sleep, lack of exercise and anxiety can take its toll on your mental and physical health.

A detoxifying colon irrigation may give you a new lease of life by re-energizing your body and clearing out waste, helping your metabolism to perform better, and release more energy.

Your body is able to absorb more nutrients, more effectively.

You may see an improved sense of well-being and rejuvenated energy levels, with improved sleep, greater energy, and enhanced mental clarity and focus.


Lighter, happier and healthier

As a colonic may allow your body to reset its metabolic process, a healthy diet with optimum nutrition can also help you keep the weight off, and continue the health benefits.

Find out if our colonic irrigation retreat is the right way to get your health detox underway by speaking with a member of our friendly team. 

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Colonic Irrigation and Enemas


When we are detoxing through fasting or even just through having a super clean diet, our body starts to detoxify, breaks down the fat stores and this releases toxins into the bloodstream.

These toxins then end up in your liver and your liver purges them and send them to your intestine, and then eventually through your colon where we eliminate the majority of our waste.

If you use a colonic or an enema whilst detoxing, you may facilitate the elimination of the toxins via the colon far more rapidly than if you just let nature take its course. 

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Detoxing With Amchara

On our retreat we can also provide you with the following supplements that support this detoxification process too.

Firstly psyllium husk is a natural fibre that helps the process by acting like a broom, sweeping through your colon and helping to brush old matter from the intestinal walls.

Secondly, you take a spoonful of bentonite clay, which is a very old, stable supplement that acts like a magnet and helps to attract the toxins and draw them into the psyllium husk.

Finally, you take digestive enzymes, which help the body to break down old faecal matter and other deposits which then enables the body to absorb goodness more easily.

* If in doubt, always speak to a qualified practitioner! 

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