A Yogi’s Guide to Protecting Yourself

A Yogi’s Guide to Protecting Yourself

Lee, our yoga and meditation teacher at Amchara Gozo gives us some wise advice on protecting yourself throughout the day.

I am hard pushed to think of an environment and lifestyle that doesn’t involve being around people and involve some sort of connection with others.  

Let’s face it; if there were such a lifestyle then it’s not necessarily realistic or beneficial for us as human beings here on earth.

Every day we connect with people. 

We interact with them and this can simply be a “hello” in the street to an in depth conversation about life with the work colleague that you sit next to, or even connecting with people and sharing a detox and health journey on a retreat. 

These interactions no matter how big or small they are, can impact us greatly and on many levels – both positively and negatively, so we need to be careful on how we share and in turn take on other people’s stories and journeys.

Below I’ve listed a few ways in which to maintain, what I like to call a ‘protection bubble.’ 

This isn’t just for the healers, light workers, yoga teachers or therapists of this world – this list can be used by everybody in all walks of life.

Lee demonstrating the lotus pose

1) The Big Bubble

Set an alarm a little earlier each morning allowing an extra 15 minutes before you get ready for work. 

Have that fresh cup of coffee or lemon water and then find a comfortable seat somewhere. 

By setting an alarm on your phone it will inform you when your time is up and prevent you from worrying that you’ll go over.

Sit in silence, closing your eyes and connect to your breath; observe the flow of breath as it enters and exits the body (personally I love the sound and sensation of ujjayi breath) but whatever you’re most comfortable with. 

Whilst you’re breathing visualize a big bubble surrounding you, just like those washing up liquid bubbles that you blow out of those sticks when you were a child. 

However, this bubble that you’re imagining is much bigger and its’ force field is much more powerful. 

Consider the sheen on it or the colors that bounce off it when the light hits it. 

Pick a color of your choice and just acknowledge it very presence. Acknowledge that this is your very own protection bubble.

Acknowledge that whatever dark forces or dark energies that tries to permeate yours will just simply bounce off this protection bubble. 

Acknowledge your own emotional state on this day, your own energy and allow the bubble to protect you. 

Allow yourself to sit with your emotional state; good, bad or indifferent and feel ok enough to sit there with it. 

At the end of those 10-15 minutes go about your day comforted by the knowledge that this bubble is carried with you wherever you go  and it will protect you. 

Use a mantra or affirmation, something that slips off the tongue or read in the mind like “today I stay grounded and centered in my own energy and I’m able to leave others’ negative energy at the door of my protection bubble, unable to permeate in.”

2) Yogi Bear’s Mat of protection

If you’re a yogi bear like me and you sustain a regular yoga practice then the other alternative (or in addition to the previous protection method) is quite simply this; Stand on your mat, connect with your breath before your practice and see your mat as; your surroundings, your space, your solitude and your haven. 

Whilst you move around on your mat, connecting to the breath continue to believe this is a safe haven that will protect you and cleanse you of any of the negativity that you’ve picked up from others; that day.

3) Angels of protection

Personally this one gives me the greatest pleasure of them all. 

It gives me a peace of mind believing in a guardian angel. 

Sometimes I may start with a single Angel card in the morning – and take this as my reading for the day but not only that, see the Angel card as the Angel that will be guiding and protecting me throughout the day. 

During that particular day if ever I come up against people or situations that are unpleasant for me I embrace my angel’s protection. 

I imagine myself clocked in their wings. 

Angel’s never judge or criticize they are simply there to guide and protect.

4) Cleansing Meditation

Last but not least, if you have had one of those days that has really taken the wind out of your sails then light a candle and sit on some cushions on the floor in front of it. 

Close your eyes and connect to that lovely prana/breath. 

As you breathe in visualize this beautiful bright light coming in and as you let go, breathe out whilst visualizing the beautiful bright light coming out. 

Take 10 -15 minutes to do this, aware that the breath is not only calming your mind but also cleansing your very soul of anything that has negatively permeated its way into you.

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