Raw Vegan Cashew Milk Recipe

If you are vegan, or just prefer to follow a raw food diet for health reasons, you’ll probably have come across many recipes that require almond or cashew milk.

Nut milks also make a great alternative for cereals, teas and to drink too.

But one of the greatest advantages of cashew nut milk is that you can make it yourself at home which makes it a bit cheaper than the other alternatives.

So, here’s how to make Amchara’s homemade cashew milk.



170g raw cashew nuts
Agave nectar or raw honey as sweetener (optional)
Vanilla extract (optional)
Cinnamon (optional)


cashew nut vegan milk



Place your raw cashew nuts in a bowl of water so that the water is covering the nuts and soak for at least 2-3 hours, but more if you have the time. Drain the nuts and rinse in a colander.

Next put your soaked nuts with 500ml water into a blender and blend until smooth – usually takes around 2-3 minutes of blending.

If you wish to add sweetener or flavours add it now and add another 250ml water (or more or less to achieve your desired thickness) then blend for another 2-3 minutes. If you want to strain the mixture for a smoother milk, you can do this when all blending is complete.



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