Get The Best Of Winter Vegetables


Want to have optimum health and look great all winter long?

If the answer is yes, you need to make sure you’re eating your winter vegetables.

Most of us are aware that raw vegetables are the best way to get the most nutrition and stay younger and healthier for longer, but if you struggle with raw vegetables or want a change, why not switch some of your meals for roasted vegetables which taste amazing in winter.

Although roasted vegetables don’t have quite as high a nutritional value, they offer lots of antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals to ward off illness in the dark, dull and cold weather.

Roasted vegetables are wonderful because they are warm to eat giving you extra comfort on those dark winter nights.


It’s lovely on a chilly winter evening after a busy day to indulge in a tasty, warm and healthy dinner.

But as we have pointed out in many of our previous blog articles, consuming large quantities of meat can do more harm to your body than good and it causes added stress on the digestive system.

Having a few days a week eating just vegetables can really give you your body a health kick, which is even more important in the winter when your immune system has to work harder thanks to all the germs floating about.


What Are The Benefits Of Eating Roasted Veg?

If you regularly eat a wide selection of tasty vegetables as part of your normal daily diet, your body will be getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals required for its many functions.

Vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and there is no other food group that contains as many of the essential nutrients that the human body needs as vegetables!

It is important to eat lots of vegetables as some vitamins and minerals can be as vitamins A & E are stored for when the body requires them, but other important vitamins such as B-complex are flushed out of the body if they do not get used up so it is important to top up every day.


Vitamins found in vegetables help to give your immune system a boost too, which is why it’s always good to eat more in the winter when there are colder and flu germs being passed around and your body needs to be better equipped to fight them.

Vegetables contain very low calories, and so it’s wonderful as you can eat lots of them and not have to be too concerned over your weight.

This is why it’s such a great food group to get a load of when you’re dieting or exercising to get in shape and why at Amchara we use them in our juices and smoothies.

Vegetables are much kinder on the body too, as they are easier to digest so there is less stress put on your digestive system.

This is very different than dairy and meat which I always recommend you keep to a minimum or avoid altogether where possible.

The greatest benefit of vegetables is that they are brimming with phytonutrients, which have been proven in various studies to help reduce the risk of cancers.

When phytonutrients are digested they work by neutralising free radicals which are known to play a vital part in cancer formation, growth and spreading.

They help to repair and protect the cells from these free radicals and this can help you to live longer and to keep you looking younger for longer.

To get the best-roasted vegetables, simply peel and chop your vegetables into even-sized chunks and place in a mixing bowl with extra virgin olive oil and dried or fresh herbs then place in the oven and roast on 180C for around 45 mins to an hour.


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