Why your thyroid is more important than you think

Why your thyroid is more important than you think

The thyroid is small yet has a big job within the body.

It is a gland that sits in your throat and controls your hormones.

“If your thyroid is not functioning optimally, your hormones won’t either,” says our senior Naturopath Kirstie. “If your hormones aren’t balanced, more stress is placed on the thyroid which can create further hormone imbalance,” says Kirstie.

Most people overlook the importance of the thyroid – with thyroid issues being difficult to diagnose as its symptoms can overlap with other health conditions.

However, research documents that 80% of the population has some level of thyroid dysfunction.

Vital to overall well-being, a healthy thyroid ensures “regulated metabolism, energy production, weight management, hormone balance and a healthier response to stress”, says Kirstie.


What is thyroid disease? 

There are two types of complications that can cause issues with your thyroid:

An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) means that your metabolism decreases which can cause weight gain, a lack of energy, low libido, hormone imbalance, constipation and slow or confused thinking.

However an overactive (hyperthyroidism) means that your metabolism increases and often produce symptoms like heat intolerance, anxiety, trouble sleeping and weight loss.


Whats next? 

Kirstie recommends assessing your thyroid and by doing so can “bring it back into balance in order to help restore health throughout your body.”

To help gain a thorough insight into your thyroid health, we have introduced a new test now available at Amchara Malta.

The Thyroflex tests thyroid function with a non-invasive procedure, with results within 5-10 minutes.

The Thyroflex is 98.5% accurate (as opposed to the 18% of a TSH blood test) and is FDA certified.

The Thyroflex results will be interpreted by a Thyroflex trained healthcare practitioner, who may recommend the appropriate supplements or can refer a specialist hormone Doctor for further hormone therapy.

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