Natural tips for acid reflux and heartburn

Natural tips for acid reflux and heartburn

Acid reflux and heartburn can cause inflammation and obstructions in the esophagus – if we become too acidic, the body with start to leech calcium from the bones which can lead to various long term health problems. Keeping a good pH balance in the body is essential for reducing acidity. Here are six natural remedies and lifestyle changes which may help to balance this:

1. Start the day with 1/2 fresh lemon and warm water, lemon is very alkaline to the digestive system.

2. Green juices or smoothies are also a great way to start the day.

3. Reduce/remove dairy and wheat from your diet for 3 months, both are very acid forming, especially when we already have problems with digestion.

4. Staying hydrated is important for reducing acidity and keeping the digestive system happy and helps the bowels to break down food, reducing more stress on the digestive system.

5. If you feel an attack of acid reflux, try drinking some warm water or adding a little sodium bicarb which can help to neutralise the acidity.

6. Introduce GREENS into your diet – look at your plate, is there anything fresh and green on there?  Try and have at least half of your main meal consisting of greens and vegetables or a raw green salad once a day.


The only way to control the pH naturally long term is to make some of these very basic lifestyle changes. Dis-ease finds it hard to develop in a alkaline body – this is a great incentive!


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