Warning! Energy drinks alter your heartbeat!

Warning! Energy drinks alter your heartbeat!

Most of us who are health conscious probably won’t drink energy drinks and if we do, they will be few and far between, and it’s a good job according to new research that confirms that energy drinks actually alter your heartbeat.

Researchers from Germany’s University of Bonn monitored the heart rates of seventeen participants 60 minutes after drinking an energy drink and the results were frightening, showing that the heart was contracting far more forcefully after consuming the energy drinks containing caffeine and taurine.

The researchers attended the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meet and warned that those suffering from certain health conditions should avoid drinking these types of soda as they posed a serious health risk, including those with heart conditions.

A spokesperson from the research team said, “Until now, we haven’t known exactly what effect these energy drinks have on the function of the heart.

It was also confirmed that energy drinks contain up to three times more caffeine than coca cola or coffee and that there are many other side effects that are known to be caused by drinking these drinks such as palpitations, hikes in blood pressure levels, seizures and in some cases the consumer has even died.

The study has shown that even in the short term, the impact of these drinks is massive and in the long term, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

The monitoring of the hearts showed that 60 minutes after consuming the energy drinks, the left ventricle which is responsible for pumping blood around the body was contracting harder.

This news has urged a major supermarket chain in the UK placed a ban on energy drink sales to under 16s.


Morrisons energy drink ban

Amid fears of the dangers of high caffeine content drinks to young people and children, Morrisons has banned the sale of energy drinks to those under 16 years of age.

It is believed that many more major supermarkets and retailers will soon follow suit in order to protect the health of young people in the UK.


Why caffeine is bad for your health

Caffeine is the most commonly used legal mind-altering drug globally.

Within just a few minutes of indulging, this stimulant drugs wakes up the central nervous system making us more alert. But it’s not good for us.

First off, caffeine is addictive and if you drink a lot of it, it can actually cause the body and brain to become stressed because it is craving the next hit.

Many studies have also shown that caffeine drinkers suffer hallucinations.

They may not be blatantly obvious little green men running down the street, but more subtle, such as hearing sounds that don’t exist.

Caffeine is also recommended as something to avoid if you are pregnant or planning to conceive as it can lower fertility levels and can cause for an unborn child to suffer inhibited growth and increases the chance of premature birth which can lead to many different health issues for the new baby.


What alternatives can I try?

Instead of drinking caffeine for a morning pickup, try a little exercise.

Getting a fresh blast of fresh air by nipping out for a 10-minute jog can really do the trick and the same goes just after lunch.

You can also try peppermint tea and natural mints for a bit of a stimulant as the menthol/minty flavour and vapours help to give your body a bit of a wakeup call.

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