5 Top Tips To Reduce Adrenal Fatigue

5 Top Tips To Reduce Adrenal Fatigue



The adrenal glands are just above the kidneys and they are responsible for releasing adrenaline.

These glands would have been very useful when humans needed to fight in everyday life to survive, but nowadays adrenaline is often released purely as a result of stress in our daily lives.

Rushing to and from work, panicking about getting the children to school or after-school activities, phone calls and emails all day long and similar things can all add to stress leading to adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is when your adrenal glands are unable to produce with the levels of adrenaline required to cope with stress levels.

So how can you reduce adrenal fatigue?


Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

Although you can get a quick fix from caffeine and alcohol, it actually increases your stress levels in the long run, not to mention the numerous other adverse effects on your health including liver damage and heart problems.

You may get short term relief from adrenal fatigue and stress, however this is short lived and soon enough you’ll be craving your next fix, adding to the stress that your body is undergoing and thus adding to the need for your glands to produce adrenaline.

By reducing your intake, you will reduce your stress levels and this will reduce adrenal fatigue.


Get Your Rest

If you are over stressed and are suffering from adrenal fatigue, you may benefit from taking a break.

You could go on a detox retreat, take a family holiday, go for a spa weekend or just ask relatives and family to help with the kids for a few days while you recharge. It is just as important to take small breaks too, though, especially in the fast paced modern world.

During your day, make sure that you take two of three short breaks, get some fresh air, rest your eyes and your brain, switch off.

And when you get home after a day at work, try to avoid checking emails, answering the phone and so on, perhaps switch your phone off altogether to get a rest from the fast paced technology world.


Take Time To Overcome Your Illnesses

If you are already ill, whether it be a cold or something more serious, you’re more susceptible to adrenal fatigue because your body is already struggling with the illness. In this case, don’t take too much on and make sure you get help from others and plenty of rest.

If you must, take time off work.

The worst thing that you can do is keep ploughing on when you are under the weather and you really need to relax your body and get plenty of extra sleep and rest to allow your body to focus on fighting the illness that is affecting you.

If you don’t get rest, you will simply prolong the illness and could cause it to become more severe.


Get More Exercise

It is proven that exercise reduces stress levels, and so it can also help to combat adrenal fatigue.

If you’ve had a tiring day, have a snack when you get home and go for a run with your favourite music on to help remove the stresses of the day.

Getting even a short jog in first thing in the morning can also help to boost your mood and give your body a kick start which can help to deal with stress before it even happens.

get more exercise


Get The Proper Amount Of Sleep

Many jobs, including being a parent, can be demanding in today’s world.

But it is essential that you get the sleep that you need.

You should have at least 8 hours a night, more if you are already suffering from adrenal fatigue.

If you lose out on sleep, try to take a nap when you can or have an extra hour at the weekend, but you must rest well at night.


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