Why come to an Amchara
Health Retreat?
At Amchara Health Retreats our motto is ‘Change for Good’. We offer a supportive and nurturing
environment for everyone seeking to make positive, sustainable changes to their physical and mental
health through improved lifestyle choices. To help you do this, Amchara have developed an approach,
based on functional medicine, that we call ‘Personalised Health’.
Key conditions that Personalised Health
focuses on include:
Your relationship with
food, substances or
non-positive behaviour
Hit your ideal healthy weight
and create long-term healthy
habits to retain it.
Stress & Lifestyle
Deal with recurring issues
with work or life associated
with these problems.
Fitness or quality
of life functions
Creating a supportive
Deal with unexpected life
events – Relationship change,
bereavement or similar
Health conditions
The Personalised Health model provides a scaffolding of nutrition, education, exercise and one to one
support. This model can help manage or relive a number of health conditions including: