Sustainable Weight Loss

Sustainable Weight Loss

The subject of weight loss is one of the most widely written about subjects of our time.

And it is not hard to understand this trend, when you come to understand that the problem of the bulge, as the weight problem is also called, is perhaps the most common and most distressing personal problem in the developed world at present, with over a third of the population in some countries identified as clinically obese.

And this is a problem which is distressing both physically (as it is a precursor to many alarming health conditions) and psychologically (as being visibly overweight can hurt peoples self esteem), thereby interfering with their happiness and success in life.



And while most of the available literature on the subject of weight loss revolves around complex theories (perhaps as a differentiating factor for marketing purposes), going through the core message in all of it shows that there are really only two ultimate keys to sustainable weight loss which every person struggling with the problem of the bulge should be aware of and find ways of implementing.


The first key to sustainable weight loss is = sensible eating.


At its core, the weight problem is caused by taking in more food than our body can use, leading to accumulation of food reserves in the body in the form of fat.

sustainable weight loss is sensible eating

And it therefore follows that the way to combat the problem is by adopting sensible eating habits, including eating only when we are hungry, stopping to eat immediately when we are full (regardless of what is on our plates then) and eating the right kinds of foods – that is, avoiding foods that have been proven to be obvious culprits for the weight problem, including foods that are too fatty, foods that are rich, foods that are too sugary (which also do our teeth considerable damage) and foods that are too refined.

The second key to weight loss is exercise. Our bodies were not designed for the sedentary lifestyles we are leading today. And as long as we continue taking in food and not burning up the calories in the food in some way, we leave the body with no alternative but to pile up the unburned food reserves, leading to the weight problem.

Yet all we have to do is to find a little time for exercise daily, or better still implement an exercise regime into our moment to moment activities, by for instance taking to the stairs rather than the lift when going up a building, or walking to work rather than driving there (where possible), among many other such simple actions, through which we can burn tons of calories without even feeling it.




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