The Health Benefits Of Organic Green Tea

The Health Benefits Of Organic Green Tea

Most of the time we eat and drink the foods that we do for one reason: they taste good.

We now also know that most of the food we put into our bodies are not good for us. In fact, much of it is poisoning us and slowly breaking down our health, resulting in various problems such as obesity and diabetes.

However, eating and drinking healthy & raw foods can significantly reduce the likelihood of these problems. Drinking tea beverages is one option.

It has been known for years that green tea has many health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, tea has been credited for helping to prevent and cure a number of ailments. Tea does contain caffeine, like coffee and chocolate, which contribute to the stimulating affect it has on the drinker. Many drink tea in the mornings to give them a boost when waking up and preparing for the day.

Some of the benefits of drinking organic tea beverages include anti-aging, helping prevent cancer and diabetes, reducing cholesterol, boosting immunity, and weight loss. While green tea will not perform these phenomenon entirely on it own, but including it along with healthy eating and exercise can contribute to a healthy life. Tea beverages are, overall, a good addition to any lifestyle.


There are a few adverse side effects of tea, though the benefits greatly outweigh them. If one is sensitive to caffeine, that has had too much caffeine, or has a sensitive stomach, then drinking tea may cause nausea, sleeping problems, restlessness, and upset stomach. It is also not advisable to give green tea to children since they can be over sensitive to caffeine.

With many different types, flavors, and even decaffeinated varieties available, finding one that tastes best and has no side effects should be easy. Many websites also provide useful information on a variety of teas to help when choosing which to drink. Grocery stores, specialty tea retailers, and even online suppliers are all source for obtaining this beneficial addition to any diet.

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