Spicing Up Your Health - Naturally

Spicing Up Your Health - Naturally

Spicy food has long been a dietary staple for much of the world’s population, and as we get to a enjoy a global menu on our own dinner plates, more of us are getting to enjoy the variety spices can add to even the simplest meal.

But spices do a lot more than just add colour and flavour, they’re packed with a surprising number of healthy benefits too. Read on to discover how a touch of spice can help your body heal inside and out.


Boost your heart health

Studies show that people who eat regular spicy foods are at lower risk of heart disease and strokes. It’s actually the chillies that pack each spicy meal with heart-pumping benefits, from a rich dose of vitamins A and C, which strengthen the muscles of your heart, improving cardiovascular function, to lowering blood pressure and reducing the effects of LDL, otherwise known as ‘bad’ cholesterol.

If hot chilli peppers seem too much for your tastes, you can still get the benefits with dried, ground chilli flakes sprinkled onto fresh pasta, or drizzle olive oil steeped with hot chillies over salads, for a subtle chilli kick.



Fight off the winter flu

Working up a sweat over your favourite spicy meal can also help you fight the dreaded flu virus. As those around you succumb to fits of coughs, snivelling noses and muggy eyes, you can enjoy feeling bright, energetic and flu- free. Chillies come packed with immune system-boosting vitamins A and C, while ginger is packed with antioxidants and even kills the flu virus.

It’s easy to work in spices into your daily diet to enjoy their health benefits, hot water with a squeeze of lemon and a sliver of ginger makes a great warming, energy boosting start to the day. Swap your sugar-packed bedtime cocoa with a fragrant glass of hot milk delicately flavoured with anti-oxidant-filled turmeric and honey.


Feeling healthier and happier

With the additional health benefits of spices, you’ll also start to feel a lot more energetic and lively. Get active and enjoy the extra energy. If you’ve got problems with inflamed joints, turmeric will help reduce inflammation, while peppers improve breathing, ideal when you wan to increase your cardio. Spices are also powerful mood elevators, helping you fight stress, relieve pain and relax.

With so many health benefits, adding spices to your daily diet is a great way to help your body self-heal and promote better health. Discover some great was to incorporate spices with easy and quick recipes, free on our site. And if you’re curious to try out more ways to work spices into a healthy life, check out a detox retreat devoted to helping you build better healthy habits naturally.

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