Natural and Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Natural and Green Spring Cleaning Tips

So, winter is definitely over and it’s time to start spring cleaning your home, but you want to avoid nasty chemicals right?

You want to ensure your family are safe from harm from harsh chemicals and to protect yourself and your family, so you need natural cleaning products.

This is even more true of those with children or pets who could accidentally come into contact with chemicals used in cleaning.

Thankfully, here at Amchara we have a few tricks up our sleeve so that your natural and green ways can flow through to your cleaning for a healthier and more natural home. So, here we go!


Use Baking Soda for the Oven

Oven cleaners can be some of the most dangerous and harmful chemicals that you use in the home for cleaning. By making a paste using baking soda and water, you can get your oven sparkling again without the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals. Simply make up a paste in a bowl, coat the bottom and walls of the oven and leave for a few hours before wiping off for a chemical-free clean oven to be proud of.



Lemon Juice or Vinegar for Windows

If you want beautiful gleaming windows or any glass for that matter, lemon juice and vingar are your best friends. Simply grab an old piece of newspaper, dab a bit of white vinegar or lemon juice on it and rub until the window it clean.


What’s more, this natural window cleaner doesn’t leave smears either!!! For best results slice lemons and place in a jar of vinegar for the best cleaning solution.


Natural Scouring Powder

Soap scum left behind in the shower, bath or sink can be tough to clean up naturally, but thankfully there is a handy recipe for a natural scouring powder that works a treat. Just add 2 parts baking soda, 1 part salt and 1 part borax to a bowl with a teaspoon of water and apply with half a cut lemon. It works beautifully for a nice gleaming clean bath tub or sink!


Lemon Vinegar Floor Cleaner

The same lemon vinegar we suggested for windows is also great as a disinfectant for loos or to clean floors. It’s especially good on wood and laminate floors for children and pets as it is non-chemical and harmless to your little loved ones.


Natural Stain Removers

There are lots of really useful natural stain removers, but what works really depends on what the stain consists of, as it’s all down to basic chemistry. Ink or paint can be removed by soaking in rubbing alcohol and leaving for 30 minutes before scrubbing out and vacuuming.


White vinegar is the perfect solutions for tomato stains. For tea and coffee stains, pour over boiling water, but if the stain has set use a water and borax paste to scrub the stain out. For grass or food stains, a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water spray works wonders.

If your whites are looking a little grubby and dark, add a cup of hydrogen peroxide powder to the washing powder. For grease or oil marks, sprinkle with baking powder to absorb any loose grease, then soak in white vinegar and scrub before adding to the wash.


Natural Dishwasher Cleaner

If your dishwasher needs a clean, fill a bowl that is safe for the dishwasher with 250ml vinegar and place on the top rack of the washer where your glasses normally go. Put the dishwasher on a hot cycle with nothing else in it and your washer will be sparkling by the end of it!


Natural Limescale Remover

Taps and shower heads can often get limescale build up that looks horrid. To remove, simply soak a dishcloth in white vinegar and wrap around the tap base, or for the shower head place in a bowl of white vinegar and leave for one hour (no more!), then remove and rinse with cold water for a gleaming finish.


Natural Toilet Cleaner

Simply place a cup full of baking powder into the loo and leave to soak for an hour. Then pour in 100ml white vinegar, leave for just a few minutes and flush for a fresh smelling and clean toilet fit for any guest.



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