Some Great Smoothies Featuring Superfoods

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you get a number of your 5-a-day fruit and vegetable intake is via a tasty smoothie.

A bit like the fruit version of a milkshake, these delicious, thick drinks contain much of the nutrition you need on a daily basis.We recently ask a number of our favourite bloggers to share their best smoothie recipes containing fruit and vegetables with at least one superfood.

First up, Sus over at Rough Measures shares her recipe for Pear and Kale Smoothie. She says this smoothie is ‘The kind of thing you might need on a Monday morning after a weekend filled with one too many Mojito’s. You know the kind.’!


Smoothies aren’t just for grown-ups either. We love the way that Grace from Eats Amazing has livened up her Green Swamp Monster Smoothies with some great spooky decorations. This smoothie contains spinach – something many parents have difficulty getting their children to consume! Hide it in this drink and everyone’s a winner.


Many outlets can charge an absolute fortune for a good smoothie. Emma over at Emma’s Savvy Savings shows how you can whip up a great smoothie for just 12 of your pence! She says ‘Both the teen and myself really like fruit smoothies but they can be pricey if you like exotic fruits therefore last night I was really pleased to find some reduced fruit from Tesco’s. This meant that we had a lovely fruit smoothie for breakfast.’ Containing passion fruit and pineapple – very tropical!


During the Autumn months, you might find you would like something a little more comforting. This clever Apple Strudel Smoothie from Luschka at Keeper of the Kitchen features the powerful superfood Maca and sounds like the sort of smoothie you would settle down with next to a lovely open fire.


Matcha powder not only boosts energy and boosts calories – it is good for you. Using an organic matcha green tea powder, Chantelle at Mama Mummy Mum shares her recipe for a Green Tea Protein Smoothie. Easy to make and packed with vitamins.


Once the colder months arrive, one of the most important things you need to be doing is boosting your vitamin intake. Mel from Le Coin de Mel shares with us not one, but three great smoothies which can help with this. The superfood ingredients include kale, ginger and strawberries.


We have previously shared with you the 5 benefits of avocados over here on the Amchara blog. One of the easiest ways to include them in your diet is via a smoothie. You might think that mixing them with chocolate sounds a little odd but trust us, it really isn’t. Sus at Rough Measures has a great recipe for Chocolate Avocado Smoothies.


We have also previously shared the benefits of both blueberries and chia seeds and this Berry Good Start Smoothie from Kirsty at Hijacked by Twins contains both of these superfoods together with raspberries, strawberries, mint and soya milk. As she rightly says ‘They are so filling and you know that they are giving you so many health benefits in just one glass.’


Kefir, coconut oil, almond milk, spinach and flax seeds are just some of the wonderful nutritious ingredients in this aptly named Green Power Smoothie from Jen over on Jenns Random Scraps. She says ‘This replaces a meal for me, and it’s way better fuel than anything I can pick up at a drive-thru.’ Quite!

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