The Personalised Health Approach to Weight-Loss

Personalised Health addresses weight management in a very individual that considers history, environment, lifestyle, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, as well as biochemical and genetic individuality.

The root causes to unhealthy weight change are addressed not by applying a reductionist and depriving dieting approach but by learning how to nourish your body and support its unique needs in a way which naturally supports weight loss and long term health.

Your unique genetic variances plays a central roles on your weight management by determining how you metabolize the different type of macronutrients ( fats, carbs and proteins ) and how you respond to different type of exercise.

A genetic test also provides you with the specific information about your unique micronutrients needs, support for detoxification pathways and offers you insights on other aspects of your health such as inflammation, oxidative stress, bone health, heart health.

With this knowledge a highly effective plan for your diet, exercise and lifestyle can be created.

Rather than just a quick fix with a fit all approach, the aim of a functional dietary programme is adopting an eating style which works for you and is healthy, enjoyable and sustainable in the long term. When necessary a tailored natural supplement plan will complement your dietary style. The focus is on adding nourishment to your life, not only from a dietary prospective but more widely reflecting on other aspects which influence your health such as your relation with food, level of stress, lifestyle, exercise, relationships.

Learning and practicing mindful eating means applying mindfulness towards foods, body image and weight loss and help us to let go of any blame related to the way we are, our look and why we eat the way we eat. Nothing productive comes from blaming our self or others but rather it encourages a negative pattern of focus which keep us stuck.

The focus is shifted to your new health and weightloss goals and you will be encouraged, guided and inspired by newly gained knowledge about your body, and your healthy eating and lifestyle.

How to start a successful weightloss programme at Amchara

Detox (Juice Fasting)

Our body naturally will detoxify. The key organs in the body for detoxification are;
• The colon
• Urinary tract including the kidneys
• Lungs, skin and lymphatic system
• The liver, the key organ of detoxification

The modern Western lifestyle of too much food, the wrong food and a stressful environment cause our bodies to become toxic and over-weight.

One approach to this reality of a Western world lifestyle is to take time out and to intensively detoxify for a period of time, typically between 5-21 days.

The detoxification continuum at the one end can include water fasting and a total abstinence of all foods and nutrition. This is only normally recommended in rare circumstances and normally at Amchara we advocate juice fasting, light fasting or intermittent fasting.

Hypoxia (IHHT)

Hypoxia therapy also known as IHHT (Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy) creates a training effect in the body. The client either sits in a comfortable chair or in athletes they can cycle on an indoor bike.

The patient wears a breathing mask and over a 30-minute to 50-minute period breathes in air controlled by an IHHT machine.

Periods of reduced oxygen (hypoxia) stimulate the body and move into the training effect. This process enables the old and dying mitochondria to be eliminated encouraging the body to produce new mitochondria, healthy, strong mitochondria.

Periods of higher oxygen (hyperoxia) support the bodies recovery and further the production of new mitochondria.

Healthy mitochondria is key to good health, most cells contain mitochondria and these tiny pockets in the cells are responsible for our energy and thousands of general health and cellular health factors.

We have IHHT available in our Malta retreat

Exercise & Mindfulness

Increasing exercise is known to improve health. The challenge is most people to do not enjoy exercise that pushes them too hard.

They key is to find exercise that you can enjoy, often making exercise social is a good way to improve the likelihood of encouraging a long-term exercise commitment.

For good health most of us know what to do. The challenge is bridging the gap between the knowing and the doing.

Mindfulness can support someone closing this gap. We facilitate biofeedback practice at Amchara, using biofeedback technology and measuring our Autonomic Nervous System, sometimes referred to as the fight/flight response.

Biofeedback is built on the principles of mindfulness

Our body is equipped with an effective and sophisticated system of organs and functions to detoxify naturally however, the problem is that we are exposed to an ever increasing number of toxins which can overburden our system. This, together with a less than optimal nutrients intake typical of our modern western diet, might cause the liver to become less efficient.

The average adult’s body contains over 700 different contaminants and according to the Environmental Working Group research, the average infant is born with more than 200! Since 1940 more than 80,000 new chemicals are introduced into the environment every year.

Environmental toxins can be found in the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe. Alcohol, cigarettes, medication, use of synthetic hormones, household products and personal toiletries are also adding to the toxic load of our body. Weightgain, obesity and chronic conditions such as diabetes type2, cardiovascular disease may be associated with environmental toxins in the body. Although you might not be aware of all the toxins you are constantly exposed to, symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, irritability, inability to lose weight, increased allergies, skin and sleeping problems might be the signs of toxic stress.

Regular cleansing programs are important to reduce your toxic load, to support your natural detoxification system and to reboot your metabolism.

Your Personalised Retreat

Your body and mind have an extraordinary capacity to improve and stay healthy if given the right nutrition, and allowed to detoxify in a stress-free environment

At Amchara we have an approach to health that balances 3 strategies of detoxification, replenishment and education.

Utilising the foundation of the functional medicine model combined with careful monitoring we aim to optimise the opportunity for positive changes in your health and lifestyle

Monica Durigon

Monica Durigon is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, member of BANT and CNCH. She graduated from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition after four years of studying and clinical training and trained under Patrick Holford’s zest4life team qualifying as a weight-loss and wellbeing coach. In 2014, she was awarded the Dian Shepperson Mills Prize for “Outstanding Performance in Clinic”.

She believes in the uniqueness of each individual from a genetic, biochemical, spiritual, cultural and lifestyle perspective and therefore, her nutritional and weight-loss approach is tailored specifically to your genetic and biochemical individuality to help you reach your full potential for optimum health and ultimately lead a longer and happier life.

Monica applies the principles of Functional Medicine in her practice and is also training with the Institute for Functional Medicine to become an accredited Functional Medicine practitioner. Functional Medicine applies a science based, holistic, patient centred approach to assessment, prevention and treatment of complex health problems and chronic disorders.