Why Not To Use A Microwave [and why it's killing your food]

We’re sure you’ve heard the term – nuke your food – in relation to microwaves, and there is a very scary reason as to why it’s dubbed nuking. That is in fact, what a microwave does – on a cellular level, it kills your food and when you hear the ‘PING’, out pops a nutrient stripped pile of rubbish that is worthless to your body.


Natural organic foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables contain high levels of essential nutrients that the body needs to stay fit and healthy. These nutrients help to fight off diseases and illness and without them, the food you eat is pretty worthless to your body.

microwave food effects

What is frightening about microwaving food is that studies show that almost all of your foods nutritional value is destroyed and lost when you heat it using a microwave. Research proves that up to 98% of nutritional value can be lost when you use a microwave to cook food.


Even School Children Can Prove It

Proof of this claim comes from a wonderful story of a school child who did a science experiment, to see how nasty microwaves are. She heated up water in two pots- one on the stove, one in the microwave. After cooling the water she used the water she used it to water two plants and kept records of the results in terms of whether the water affected the plant growth.

As you have probably guessed, the microwave water plant grew at a fraction of the rate of the stove water plant.


How Do Microwaves Kill Our Food?

Simply put, the nutrient compounds and molecules within natural foods are extremely delicate, and by microwaving the food, these molecules and compounds are damaged and disrupted by the microwaves and they die. What comes out of the microwave is pretty pointless, useless food that delivers nothing to the body.


Eating a raw food diet is the best way to be able to get the most nutrients from food, as cooking anything over 40C damages the nutrients within the food (Although not as much as microwaving). But if you must cook, try lightly steaming vegetables instead of boiling to keep the flavour and to increase the nutrient intake.


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