Wheat And Dairy - The Usual Suspects

Wheat And Dairy - The Usual Suspects

Often IBS sufferers find eliminating wheat and/or dairy products from their diet can help to relieve and reduce symptoms of IBS.


But how does this help?

Most people see IBS as a disease in itself, when in fact it is a group of symptoms that are given a name due to the common nature of the problems.

Allergies and intolerances to dairy and wheat problems can cause these symptoms to occur.

Dairy and wheat are two of the most commonly seen culprits for IBS symptoms, and this is because we (as in humans) have not always consumed dairy and wheat as a standard diet.

Practitioners of ayurvedic medicine, which is a traditional type of medicine practiced by Hindus, often ask their patients to avoid dairy and wheat products, especially white wheat products because they are seen as bad for the body.

The same goes for nutrition experts and naturopathy practitioners.

It is a widespread belief that removing dairy and wheat products from the diet can reduce the symptoms of IBS.

Even western doctors recommend it in some cases.


Wheat and dairy intolerance

Wheat and dairy intolerances and allergies can trigger allergic reactions in the digestive system, such as:

  • bloating, abdominal pain,
  • discomfort when going to the toilet
  • constipation and diarrhoea

By removing these items from your diet, you are often able to reduce or completely get rid of the symptoms.

Modern wheat grows at a very quick rate, and modern bread that we buy on the shelves in supermarkets is really quite sticky.

Of course, your body finds this difficult to digest, and it often it gets stuck in the digestive system and restricts peristalsis, which is the term use for the wave-like muscular movements in the digestive system that help food to move through the body.

White flour products such as white bread are particularly bad as a lot of the nutrients are removed in its production.

If you cannot bear the thought of removing bread from your diet, try eating Spelt or Rye instead as these products are much easier to digest.

Dairy similarly is difficult for us to digest. It is thought that tolerance of dairy is part of our evolution, and so it’s no wonder many people still struggle with it.

We are the only mammal that consumes milk from another lactating mammal, and when you put it that way it seems a strange concept that we ever started to consume it.

Cow’s milk is designed to grow a calf from a much smaller mammal into a cow which is far bigger than any human being.

Dairy products aren’t only known for causing IBS symptoms, but also other health problems.

When you drink a glass of milk, you may notice that there is a residue stuck to the inside of the glass, and the same thing happens inside the body.

The milk leaves a residue on the capillary walls in your body causing them to become more narrow and thus increasing blood pressure.

It has also been linked to breast cancer in a book detailing lengthy studies, called The Chins Study.

By keeping a food diary and looking through the results with your health expert or doctor, you can often pinpoint what the problem is.

Going to retreats to detox your body can also help to remove all traces of whatever you have an intolerance or allergy to and thus improve your health.



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