Healing Your Body With Raw Food

Healing Your Body With Raw Food

You are what you eat, so the saying goes. 

But the undeniable truth is that we are not only what we eat, but also what our bodies digest and what we absorb into us.

Being able to take pleasure in consuming foods in their raw natural state is the most effective way of ensuring that your body is able to digest and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. 

Any kind of processing of food strips out many of the essential nutrients.

This happens by overheating of foods and their oxidation – and then there’s the addition of toxic materials.

Our foods from the earth are designed in a complete package and they contain all of the nutrients required to sustain life as well as the enzymes needed to be able to healthily digest and absorb the nutrients allowing our bodies to use them. 

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When natural raw foods have part of their whole original package removed or damaged by cooking, they do the opposite to what they were intended to do and end up become nutrient draining to our bodies rather than being nutrient-rich.

Our bodies end up being robbed or essential nutrients and enzymes in order to process cooked and almost 'dead' food.

By choosing to eat a diet rich in fresh, natural, raw, organic foods, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and pulses you will be consuming what your body would say is the perfect diet. 

If you can it is best to try to get your fresh organic produce from local farmers’ markets.

But if you don’t have one in your town you can also opt for foods from natural food stores.

Which is the preference over larger supermarket chains who are bad for the global environment.

Remember to always opt for organic. 

Conventionally grown produce is quite often deficient in nutrients for various reasons. 

First off, the soil used in its growth is very often overused and so it often lacks in minerals and essential nutrients that would usually be absorbed into the crops.

Then the crops are very often treated with pesticides, and various other chemicals to fertilise the crops and to prevent pest infestations.

Sometimes the crops may also have been imported from various international locations, where it cannot be confirmed what chemicals and such have been used in their growth.

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Fresh Raw Whole Foods


The only other alternative way aside from eating raw whole foods to get maximum nutrition is to blend or juice whole foods and raw produce.

Just like we do here at Amchara with our juice fasting diet

Fresh raw extracted juices from raw fruit and vegetable are in some ways even better for your body as they provide easy to absorb instant nutrients into your body.

It is the only kind of fast food that you should east if you want a healthier, longer life and want to look younger in your older years.

No matter how poor or out of tune your digestive system, juicing is the ultimate solution for ensuring that your body the absorbs the highest amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes (amino acids).

Even the extremely ill people with compromised digestive systems and bodily function can benefit hugely from juiced raw produce. 

Many health and detox retreats globally like ours here at Amchara incorporate juicing in their healing and detoxification process and programmes. 

There are masses and masses of documented cases of serious illnesses and diseases including various cancers and other degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and arthritis being successfully treated and in some cases illnesses and diseases completely healed with the nutritional support of fresh juices and foods made from organic, fresh raw whole foods.

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Fresh Raw Juices

Raw and Juicy Detox Juice Cleanse

It is important for maximum nutrition that you consume fresh juices as soon as they are extracted and so they must be made freshly each time you drink them.

Once the skin of a fruit or vegetable is broken, the process of oxidation commences and the food begins to lose its nutritional values immediately. 

Our bodies badly need the live and active enzymes that are present in fresh raw foods to rejuvenate and restore our bodies. 

Enzymes are quite often overlooked by conventional doctors and nutritionists, but it should be noted that these play an important role in helping you regain the best health possible.

Aside from juicing, you are also able to use dried and dehydrated fresh raw whole foods to maximise the nutritional value of food.

Drying fresh foods has been used as food preservation for thousands of years throughout the world.

Way before the fridge was invented, people would use the sun to dry out foods to eat later on to prevent them from rotting and oxidising.

Dehydrated foods also keep for longer periods and are good for travelling with, however watch out for foods that are dehydrated using chemicals and opt for the most organic varieties.

Whole raw foods that have been dried below 115 degrees Fahrenheit retain around 95% of their nutritional value, which makes them ideal for snacks and food on the go.

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So now you are probably wondering how frozen produce bears on this scale? 

Well, obviously in the winter months it is very difficult to get fresh organic local produce as the crops are not available at this time of year, so freezing your own when they are in season is an option, as is buying frozen so long as you opt for organic raw options.

It is worth researching to find which companies freeze organic foods and which flash freeze immediately after picking the produce.

Frozen food retains 70 to 95%of their nutritional value, depending on the process used to freeze them.

If you really want warm foods, you can still go raw by lightly steaming them.

This means steaming for a very short time to less than 115 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise you will deplete the foods of all of the enzymes needed to aid digestion and many of the essential nutrients.

You should also be mindful of how you steam them in the microwave is a big no-no and you can read why here.

Leftover food heated in the microwave, tinned food and fried foods all lose nearly 100% of their nutritional value, making it completely pointless to eat them and causing an intake of lots of empty calories. 

Processed cooked foods that contain additives have no nutritional value and also have toxins added to them which contribute towards cancers and other nasty illnesses.

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Raw Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Raw Foods That Lower Blood Sugar 

  • Fresh Fruits: A few examples of such foods are berries, cherries, lemons which have low sugar levels, then apples, pears, peaches and oranges which have moderate sugar levels.

These fresh fruits are basically rich with fibre and antioxidants and are excellent foods that help prevent sharp rises in blood glucose.

  • Fresh Vegetables: Fresh vegetables are also equally ideal foods that lower blood glucose level.

Some of these best vegetables are sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, avocados, leafy green vegetables, green beans, cabbage, tomatoes and carrots.

They are rich in fibre and vitamin content. These also act as an antioxidant.

  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates like whole grain, beans, barley, granola and oatmeal are good foods that lower the level of sugar in the blood.
  • Proteins: The examples of proteins that lower level of blood glucose is skinless turkey, chicken and fish. Low-fat dairy products like milk and cheese are also contained healthy proteins and control the signs of diabetes.
  • Nuts: Next in the list of raw foods that lower blood glucose is nuts. Some healthier nuts are cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans and peanuts.
  • Spices And Herbs: Some spices and herbs are good for lowering the blood glucose level. Cinnamon is one among those.
  • Water: Another simplest way of lowering the level of blood sugar is by drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water helps to flush the toxins from the body. The above is a list of raw foods that lower blood sugar levels; eating these foods is one step to control diabetes and signs of diabetes. Next comes exercise. It plays a key role in the management of this illness. Early diagnosis and proper treatment are essential for controlling this threatening problem.

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Ease your blood pressure through nutrition with raw ingredients

High blood pressure can be a warning bell leading up to serious heart problems, from arterial disease to strokes or even heart attacks.

A modern lifestyle, heavy on processed foods and low on nutrition and exercise, is a significant contributor to heart issues, but by paying attention to your diet and lifestyle, you can keep your blood pressure in check, without the drugs.

Stock up on Omega – 3 and good fats – to boost heart health

  • While you might think that fats are bad for your heart, Omega 3 and essential fatty acids can actually the level of fat in your bloodstream, reducing fatty plaque build-up in your arteries. Supplements might seem like an easy short-cut but can lead to overdosing on omega 3, which can be counterproductive.
  • Instead, getting it direct from your food helps your body absorb the right amount needed, and break it own easily.
  • Spirulina algae is a perfect source, combining omega-3 fatty acids with essential amino acids and other nutrients, giving you a total health-boost all in one.

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Fresh foods to detoxify you

  • Atherosclerosis, that’s your arteries hardening with plaque deposits, is one of the main factors that lead to poor heart health and high blood pressure.
  • Improve arterial health is by boosting your intake of vitamin C, this slows down the process of plaque build-up and encourages a healthy heart.
  • As well as the ubiquitous orange, mix it up with other great sources of vitamin C like strawberries, broccoli and papaya.
  • Fruits and veg are also rich in detoxifying antioxidants, which boost heart health by improving blood flow in arteries reducing cholesterol.
  • Try fresh juices and mix up bright coloured foods to get a varied mix of nutrients into your diet.

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Get active and feel good

  • Regular exercise can help you lose weight and boost your heart circulation, all great ways to improve your heart health.
  • But if you haven’t been active for a while, it can be hard to get back into the swing of it.
  • Ease into fitness with gentle but effective techniques, like yoga or Pilates.
  • Combining gentle stretches, movement and deep breathing, you’ll regain flexibility, build strength and reduce strength, working together to naturally reduce your blood pressure.


Raw Foods to Help You Beat Stress

Raw Foods to Help You Beat Stress

With super-busy, super-hectic lives, stressful situations seem to exist at every corner, creating strain on both our mental and physical health.

Stress can be more than just feeling a little overwhelmed, as it continues to bear its toll on health, it can lead to depression and anxiety, diabetes and heart conditions too.

But a nourishing, easily absorbed diet can have wonders on your stress levels, by eating to meet your body’s needs, you’ll actually feel calmness and clarity return.

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Free Yourself from Addictions

One of the biggest pitfalls of stress is how we tend to reach for the things that actually exacerbates stress, fat, sugar and salt.

A refreshing ‘stress-detox retreat’ is the perfect way to boost your digestion and cleanse yourself of toxins built up over the years from these, with reviving fresh juices and delicious raw food meals, you’ll find that over the course of your retreat, both your body and mind start to feel lighter, clearer and more able to cope with challenges.

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Get a Boost of Energy

Feeling stressed can leave you feeling tired, anxious and super-irritable, made even worse when you can’t sleep.

A raw-food detox will help you overcome that, by cleansing your body, you’ll suddenly find you’ll have tons of energy you never imagined.

A diet rich in fresh, raw fruit and vegetables will provide plenty of minerals and nutrients, boosting your physical health, immune system and brain function.

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Better Sleep for Better Health

After your great new feeling of energy ne of the first things you’ll notice with at a raw-food detox retreat is how much better you’ll sleep.

Sleep is a prime factor to help you overcome stress, when you’ve slept well, you’ll feel physically and mentally rested, prepared and more alert.

Fruits and nuts like bananas, walnuts and almonds are rich in vitamin E and potassium, helping your body to recover its strength with nourishing, restful sleep.

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Top Raw Foods to Beat Stress

Chocolate, yes, chocolate! But not as you know it. Raw cacao nibs are rich in the cemical compounds that are naturally stress relieving and rich in magnesium, known as ‘nature’s tranquilzer.

Bananas – these versatile fruits are perfect as they are and make a great base for smoothies and desserts.

Rich in seratonin, promoting healthy sleep and mental relaxation

Almonds are an ancient superfood, rich in vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and anti-oxidants.

These humble nuts are delicious raw, blended into butters and smoothies, and will make you look and feel great, inside and out.

For an easy stress-busting raw food recipe, try a deliciously indulgent and healthy raw banana, almond and cacao whip by blending almond milk with banana and cacao powder in a food processor and enjoy!

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A detox retreat is a perfect way to give your heart health a head start.

Set in tranquil surroundings, enjoy delicious vegan food to nourish and satisfy you, while being personally guided by the best fitness practice for you.

Check out our video tutorials to see what others think and embrace a healthy heart



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