5 Herbs To Cure A Sore Throat

5 Herbs To Cure A Sore Throat

So, the weather is warming up, but it doesn’t mean those winter colds and sore throats have gone just yet.

Many people are still suffering with mild colds, and a sore throat is a common symptom.

Sore throats can arise thanks to a number of factors, including viral infections, bacterial infections and allergies and so on.

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If you leave a sore throat untreated, especially if it’s septic, it can worsen and lead to more severe problems so it is very important to have your doctor check for any spots in the throat, inflammation or if your soreness lasts more than 3 days.

But in the meantime, there are some herbs that are known to aid a sore throat.

Here we have listed the top 5 to help you until you see the doctor.

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Liquorice root can be mixed with water and gargled to help relieve the pain and soreness in the throat.


There isn’t a huge amount of study information on this herb, but it has been used for centuries to ease a sore throat.

Slippery Elm was most famously used by the Native Americans to help with sore throats and reduce coughing.

The herb contains a slightly slimy substance and when mixed with water a silky gel is formed that when drunk it coats the throat and soothes soreness and irritation.

You can buy Slippery Elm is powder form that can be mixed with boiling water and you can sweeten the mix with honey if you wish.


Marshmallow root tea helps to relieve a sore throat and works best when consumed 2/3 times daily.

The properties of marshmallow root are similar to that of Slippery Elm as it also forms a silky gel-like substance helping to ease pain.


Myrrh trees have resin in the bark that has long been used for its medicinal benefits.

One of its uses is using it as a gargling solution to heal ulcers in the throat and it is also known to reduce inflammation and soreness, so it’s great for a sore throat brought on by allergy or colds.

This is not suitable however if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or if you have any heart problems or conditions. It is also not suitable for diabetics taking diabetes medications.


Sage is an astringent because it reduces pain and inflammation by restricting blood flow to infected areas and contracting the tissue.

Sage also has antiseptic properties, making it ideal if your throat is septic thanks to illness or allergy.

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Fight Infections With Natural Remedies

At this time of year, there are infections everywhere and they spread like wildfire.

But thankfully, Mother Nature as always has provided natural remedies that work really well in fighting these nasty infections and getting us back to good health in no time.

Here are some of the best.

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Extract of Olive Leaf

If you lead a stressful life and you're always on the go, you will be more susceptible to catching infections, viruses ad colds than others.

Live leaf, however, could be your salvation as this can be used long term as a preventative measure to avoid catching illness in the first place.

Olive leaf has a wide variety of healing powers.

Firstly it is able to inhibit the production of amino acids in viral cells, which stops the virus from developing and spreading.

It also has anti-viral capabilities as its chemical makeup deactivates viruses and prevents the cells from duplicating so the virus is contained quickly.

Olive leaf has been used for centuries and is the ideal preventive substance for bacterial and fungal infection, viruses and shingles. It is also effective is treating inflammation and inflammatory arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and pain or inflammation.

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Elderberry and Zinc Lozenges

For many centuries, elderberry has been known for its ability to relives influenza and colds, and more recent research has also shown that the chemicals in elderberry can help to reduce inflammation in cell membranes which can help to relieve congestion in the nasal passages.

Elderberry is also a natural anti-inflammatory and has antiviral properties, and it has been shown in studies to slightly inhibit cancer growth.

The zinc in these lozenges stimulates the immune sytem, which helps to fight off influenza, colds and viruses, so the combination of the two ingredients is extremely powerful.

Elderberry and zinc is ideal for the treatment of colds and flu, viruses, sinusitis, herpes simplex virus, thrus and oral candidiasis, mucosal dryness and zinc deficiency.

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Epicor has antioxidant action and it is a very useful thing to take if you suffer from immune deficiencies caused by stress.

It stimulates healthy cell growth and prevents the growth of bad cells and bacteria.

Epicor is also great for the relief of allergic rhinitis, upper respiratory infection and chronic sinus infections.

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Garlic is one of the top anti-microbial food, and since microbes are pathogenic organisms that tend to cause illness and sickness, garlic is great for making you better. It also contains chemicals that are effective in fighting yeast infections such as thrush, fungal infections and worms.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best foods if you have a bacterial infection, as it contains the fatty acid lauric which is a natural antibacterial agent.

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