Breast Cancer And Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments

Breast Cancer And Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments


Everybody dreads the big ‘C’, and unfortunately far too many of us experience it in our lives, whether it is within our own health or a loved one. 

According to national statistics, 1 in every 9 women will get a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, but the good news is that being diagnosed with this dreadful illness does not mean it’s the end. 

There are plenty of treatments available to aid a full recovery and to allow you to carry on living a normal life.

So first of all, what are the signs of breast cancer?


Signs Of Breast Cancer

The one we all know about is a lump in the breast and it is important to know that it is not only women who can have breast cancer, men can also suffer from it so anybody, no matter what your gender or age, if you notice a lump, you should ensure you have it checked out and you can see natural breast screening methods later in this article.

Sometimes a lump might not be as obvious as a large lump, it may be more like thickened tissue, if you have any kind of abnormalities be safe not sorry and have it looked at. Lumps can also appear in the armpits and so it is important to check there too when checking for lumps.

Other signs of breast cancer include changes in the size and/or shape of one or both breasts.

Discharge or blood or a combination of the two coming from either of the nipples or both nipples is also a common sign of breast cancer and should be taken very seriously.

Similarly, rashes, redness or any abnormality of the nipples could be a sign of cancer.

Other signs might include dimpling or indents on the breasts or nipples and pain in the breasts or nipples.

ANY changes whatsoever, in appearance or feeling should be considered enough of a reason to go and have yourself checked out as getting cancer in its early stages is key to higher chance of survival and treatment allowing a normal and unchanged lifestyle.


Breast Cancer Life Expectancy


If breast cancer is caught early enough, you can expect to live a normal and happy life without really any change other than to be screened more regularly in future.

According to Breast Cancer Research UK, 85% of people diagnosed in the UK live for at least 5 years, while a further 75% of those diagnosed live on for at least 10 years.

How long you will live depends on many factors including what stage of cancer you are at when you are diagnosed, the type of treatment sought, general health condition and so on.

It is really very difficult to give a general life expectancy not just for breast cancer, but for any type of cancer.


Breast Cancer Screening

In conventional medicine, your GP will recommend that you have a mammogram or mammography to detect signs of breast cancer.

But this can be damaging and very painful, and there are alternative ways available to detect breast cancer, in some instances these methods can show signs of breast cancer up to ten years earlier than in a mammography.

The mammography or mammogram method of breast screening uses radiation to detect signs of breast cancer and this can be severely damaging to your health, especially seen as you are recommended to undergo screening more and more regularly as you age.

On the other hand, there is an alternative known as thermal imaging which is a type of radiation free breast screening offered by the Chiron Clinic run by Dr Nyjon Eccles of Harley Street in London.

Thermal breast cancer scanning is non-invasive and can help you to detect breast cancer much, much earlier than with a mammogram. It is also pain-free, and suitable for people of all ages.


Breast Cancer Treatments

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer you will have to face the decision of what treatment to go with.

Conventional medicine will always recommend chemotherapy or radiotherapy, treatments which are both damaging and extremely uncomfortable to the patient.

Both treatments poison your body to attack the cancer, leaving you with long lasting problems and complications and a risk of your other organs shutting down during the process.


Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments

There are natural cancer cures and natural cancer treatments that can be sought to be kinder to your body and assist your body to heal itself in a natural and comfortable way.

Detoxing, juice fasting and adopting a healthy lifestyle eating raw foods and particular ingredients can all help your body to fight cancer cells and prevent or at least slow down the growth and metastasis of cancer cells. 


At the  Amchara Health Retreat we are able to provide a good sound starting point and teach you about raw foods, natural diets, fasting and detox tips to be able to assist you in your journey in fighting cancer.



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