Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is a powerful way to help to cleanse the body.Our detoxification program works on 2 simple principles, elimination and replenishment.

The replenishment aspect is giving the body all it needs nutritionally. Our standard program is 4 juices per day though we can tailor the juices for individuals if required.

The juices contain different combinations of, pear, apple, carrot, beetroot, celery, cucumber, courgettes, broccoli, lemon, lime and ginger.Whilst on a juice fast you are massively cutting your calories to approximately 500 per day, but you are not cutting the nutrients that you require, in fact quite the reverse. Your freshly made organic juices are bursting with nutritional goodness and mineral goodness too. The juices also contain enzymes that work as catalysts that help our bodies natural healing processes.
Patrick’s Testimonial*
Alongside the juices is a supplement programme of psyllium, clay and enzymes that all aid the cleansing and detoxing process. Spirulina tablets are taken to help alkalise the body during cleansing and to boost levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and essential fatty acids during your fasting journey. After about 48 hours into the fast the body starts to utilise its fat stores, as it does this it releases and breaks down the toxins that we are carrying, our toxins are captured and stockpiled in our fat stores, it’s the safest place for our body to store them, as far from our vital organs as possible. These toxins are released into our body into the bloodstream and then filtered out via the major organs of elimination.As your body is dealing with the toxins on the way out you can have a hangover from them in the same way you would if you were to drink too much alcohol. This can lead to all manner of symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, sweats etc, this phenomenon is known as a detox reaction, sometimes it’s also referred to as a healing reaction. For most people this will last for a day or 2 days at most.The replenishment is 1 side of the programme, the other side is the elimination. To speed up the process of elimination you may also do a couple of self-administered colonics every single day. This enables the body to cleanse more quickly and readily.

There is also the option to have coffee enemas too, there is a £25 surcharge for this as you keep the enema kit. Coffee enemas have been used by some organisations very effectively to help the body detoxify on a more bio chemical level where as the colemas work more on a mechanical level.

The whole process is a complete program that helps your body self heal. We work on the belief that if you give the body everything it needs and remove everything it doesn’t then the body can self heal from chronic disease and other conditions too.