Tips on Enjoying Christmas from a Naturopathic Nutritionist

Tips on Enjoying Christmas from a Naturopathic Nutritionist

The festive season is well underway, meaning it is a time where we can both enjoy ourselves, yet can overindulge – especially when it comes to alcohol.

Many people drink more than alcohol than recommended especially Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

Apart from the negative effects alcohol can have on our health, it also contains calories (7 kcals per gram) and can contribute to the extra weight gain many of us experience during the festive season.



Here are some handy tips for the festive season:

  • If you do think you might over-indulge, try the following tips to limit your intake and help support your during the holidays.
  • Before drinking – Try not to drink on an empty stomach, the presence of food in the stomach will help delay the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream and stop you getting drunk so quickly
  • Drinking at home – You might drink more than you think on an average night in, home measures are often much bigger than you would get when you’re out
  • Opt for small amounts of wine or small 125ml glasses. If you fill glass to the rim, you’ll drink more than you realise.
  • Measure your spirits instead of free pouring them.
  • Don’t top up your glass before you have finished a drink so you can keep an eye on exactly how much you are drinking. It’s hard to keep track if your half-filled glass is being topped up.
  • When you are drinking out – Alternate alcoholic drinks with water to limit alcohol intake and to help prevent dehydration
  • If you start to feel unwell, take a break and again switch to water
  • Watch out for cocktails, they can contain more alcohol than you might think!
  • Go for smaller measures – swap pints for half pints or bottled beers, and opt for smaller glasses of wine.
  • Have at least two nights together a week completely alcohol free, to help take the stress off your liver.
  • After drinking alcohol – Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and keep more by your bedside, to re-hydrate and help reduce the effects of a hangover.
  • Supporting your Liver by taking Milk Thistle, it’s a great herb to take after the party season and your local health shop will be able to help you with this.


Still got that Post-Christmas guilt?

It’s the first Monday of the New Year which can leave all of us in different states of mind.

Are you still feeling flat after the Christmas celebrations?

Looking forward at what’s to come this year by setting intentions and goals?

Or riddled with post-Christmas guilt after over indulging and consequently now feeling like a Christmas pudding yourself!?

This feeling of guilt, regret and shame is all too common amongst so many of us.

But why do we allow ourselves to get into this state of mind?

When we lose our sense of self-respect and care, we stop looking after ourselves as we should.

As with the naturopathic approach of addressing the root cause, we can apply this to our mental state as well; these suggestions are helpful reminders that can help avoid getting yourself into a situation where feelings of guilt and shame might present themselves and take over.


Get rid of the idea of ‘bad food’ and ‘good food’.

This mindset forms the beginning of the idea of guilt and shame.

By designating food into different categories we allow our foods choices to become loaded with an emotion.

Of course there are times when food choices are triggered by a memory or in association with an emotion, but most of the time try to listen to your body; eat when you are hungry and makes choices that will make you feel good, both physically and mentally.


Work on self-respect. 

Instead of falling into the habit of eating when you are bored or when you feel sad and lonely.

Look at why those feelings come about in the first place.

What else could you be doing to make yourself feel better and more positive?

A good place to start is getting outside for a walk, find something that you enjoy doing that stimulates your body and mind and stick to it.


Have goals and plan.

Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail.

This is an age-old saying that definitely can be applied to your health.

We are creatures of habit and tend to like routine.

So write up a plan for yourself, or see a specialist, and starting following a nutrition or fitness routine (or both!).

By having the plan there, it makes it tangible and you feel more accountable for the outcome.


Be kind to yourself

Even if you slip up.

We are all human and all capable of making mistakes and taking a couple of steps back before striding forward again.

So give yourself a break if you do slip up along the way, be kind to yourself and move on.

Don’t dwell on any negative thoughts, turn them into a positive affirmation of target and direct your focus on to that.

Affirmations are phrases or sentences that set a positive tone for example ‘I am doing my best, and that is good enough’;

I want to look after my body from the inside out’; ‘I love myself’.

By repeating a positive affirmation that is relevant to you it can help to establish a tone of voice in which you speak to yourself which can lead to shift in attitude.

Lastly, arrange to have a detox in the New Year, whether you are able to book a retreat or do one at home, this a great time to set new regimes and break old habits.


Do something different and healthy this Christmas!

Join us at Amchara for Christmas and New Year and stay healthy all through the festival period!

Spaces at our festive retreats fill up fast, we’ve been fully booked the last 2 years. if you’re interested, get in touch soon.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


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