The Power of Reiki

The Power of Reiki

At Amchara Gozo, one of the many treatments we have on offer to the guests during their detox and health journey is Reiki.

Not affiliated with religious practices or beliefs, this holistic form of healing dates back to 1922. 

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique developed by Mikao Usui and involves the practitioner laying their hands (or just above) on various points of the body in order to bring about peace, clarity and inner healing in order to receive pain, anxiety and illness.


During the detox process at Amchara, some guests feel that they not only need to shift physical issues and discomfort but also emotional problems and past pain and experiences.

Reiki, which has also been compared to a hands-on traditional massage, not only helps with physical pain found in the body but also helps release emotional pain from the past.

Lee, our yoga teacher and Reiki Master at Amchara Gozo says that personally, she feels it has helped shift and release stored up, negative energy.

She says, “Reiki works with our subtle energy body and much like breathing, whilst we can’t see our breath – we still know it’s there” and expresses that “seeing isn’t necessarily believing.”

Her experiences with guests have reinforced her belief in the power of Reiki and says that “even though there can be no direct touching at times, many guests report feeling quite relaxed during the treatment.

They can feel quite emotional afterwards but are able to let go and fully be present.”


Interestingly, there have been a lot of studies and trials done to investigate the the effectiveness of Reiki.

A study in 2008 with over 1153 participants, proved that a touch therapy such as Reiki found to the lower participants pain intensity in groups exposed to Reiki therapy, in comparison to those participants who were unexposed to the Reiki.

Whether you’re after physical or emotional healing (or both), Reiki is the perfect well-rounded, holistic therapy to complement your detox and health journey.

Is Reiki included in your retreat?

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