Your personalised health experience tailored to your needs and goals

Personalised health at Amchara

We offer personalised health retreats and we also offer a personalised consultation experience with advanced functional medicine/laboratory tests than can measure your genetics, hormones and your digestive tract helping you to achieve optimal health.

We achieve this by combining naturopathic principles with functional medicine.

Functional medicine tackles the underlying causes of disease and poor health. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. Conventional medicine tends to have a disease-centred focus. However functional medicine, the medical basis for Personalised Health, addresses not just a set of symptoms seen in isolation but the whole, unique person offering a more patient-centred approach.

In the 21st century there are many factors that influence our health & wellbeing:

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Our functional practitioners review your relationship with nutrition together with the interactions between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. These are understood to influence both long-term health and the development of complex, chronic disease.Often lab tests are used to measure key markers in the body that are not routinely examined by orthodox medicine. Tests that examine vitamins, minerals, hormones and gut health markers in a different way, are understood to give a clearer picture of the function of body systems and their impact on health.


Personalised for You

Our health team can personalise your experience with the following options:

  • Tailored Nutrition
  • Juice or Water Fasting
  • Freshly Prepared Healthy Food
  • Active Exercise Classes
  • Educational Talks with Experts
  • State-Of-The-Art Health Tests
  • 1:1 Psychological Support
  • 1:1 Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  • Spa Facilities
  • Health Treatments & “Me Time” Treats
  • Fresh Supplements (i.e wheatgrass, sprouts, naturopathic remedies etc.)
  • Colonics & Coffee Enemas
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Hear from clients who have benefited from their Amchara personalised health experience...
Real reviews from real people...
Amchara Somerset, UK
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Amchara Gozo, Malta
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Energised & Revitalised

“I have benefitted physically, emotionally and mentally in many ways. I have challenged myself, tried lots of new things and felt energised, revitalised and most importantly empowered to lead a happier, healthier life.”

Pippa, June 2019
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor

“Firstly lovely staff and experts. An overriding feeling of support and happiness. Depending on what detox or diet you are on, all delicious and nutritious. Carefully worked out and individual. Loved all the yoga, meditation and talks.”

Nic - January 2019
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor

“Went to have a real break and get away from everything, it was fantastic - calm, healthy food (delicious) and wonderful walks and yoga. Very comfortable and I feel SO much better after only one week - thank you Amchara - really hope I will be able to come again.”

GarboGubbins, January 2019
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor

Optional extras to enhance your stay
  • Health Mentoring
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Emotional Support and NLP Coaching
  • lonic Hydrotherapy
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Sugar Body Scrub
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
  • Blissful Head Massage
  • Reiki
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Tailored nutrition

Tailored nutrition is a vital element for you to achieve optimal health. People say ‘we are what we eat’, actually this is not completely true, we are in fact what we absorb or assimilate. We all have differences in how we absorb food and we all have different lifestyles. Tailoring nutrition to your unique physiology gives you the best health retreat experience for the short-term and the best long-term health outcomes too.

Your goals and needs are individual and our job is to help you match them.

We can review your current lifestyle and food/nutrition habits choices. We can work with you to create a Personalised Health plan that works for you.

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Your food options

Our retreats offer you a multitude of healthy food options including raw, vegan, and Palaeolithic choices. You may also have the options of soups, smoothies, juices and broths if you prefer a deeper detox or maybe wish to fast.

All of our food is freshly prepared and organic wherever possible. Our chefs offer food demonstrations and health education workshops, these prove very popular and can support you for long-term change.

Our health team will work with you to create your tailored nutrition plan for your stay and for when you leave helping you to ‘Change for Good’.


Changing your relationship with food

The standard diet today is commonly laced with sugar, unhealthy fat, unnatural salt, chemicals and additives; these were not in the food chain a hundred years ago. The speed at which this has happened has not allowed the body to make the necessary evolutionary adaptions.

In the Western world our food has changed more within the last 60 years than it has in the previous 10,000.

Research has shown that combinations of sugar and fat can be addictive. For some, there is an enhanced natural tendency to crave these foods. As many of these are embedded into our culture, it makes avoiding them and committing to healthy dietary changes even more challenging. Bad habits around these foods, and other addictive substances, can quickly form and are hard to break.

Developing permanent healthy habits requires a strategy. Our effective strategies include:

  • Work on a 1:1 basis with our personalised health team and support coaches who understand food triggers
  • Create positive options by adding in enjoyable alternatives; for example healthy raw chocolate brownies
  • Exploring mindfulness principles that help teach you to create a gap between the stimulus and response
  • Educational talks to include plans about how to make the change process sustainable and doable
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Fasting - The Ultimate Detox

Fasting, if prescribed by out health team, facilitates a powerful, rapid and safe detoxification process. Kick starting changes and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. This option at Amchara dependant on your medical history and goals.

Why Fast?

Although we have evolved to fast from food as a natural basis of the hunter gather lifestyle; in the modern lifestyle it is never forced and therefore it is far less often that our bodies go into ketosis – the act of operating off our natural energy reserves – Fat. One key advantage of fasting is that it reduces IGF-1, an immune marker that has been associated with increased risk of cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Dr Michael Moseley emphasises this in his best seller, ‘The 5:2 Diet’. He explains that a 4-day fast, in his studies, reduces IGF-1 levels by 40%. Dr Moseley also discusses a considerable amount of research into the other benefits of fasting.

Types of fasting
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Fructose free fasting image
Fruit juice fasting image
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Fructose-Free Juice

Fructose Juice

Light or Intermittent

Within your programme, the type of fasting chosen is
tailored to your health goals and current medical status.


Two stunning locations
Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK

Improve your health & vitality at Amchara’s rural 19th Century country Manor in the stunning Somerset countryside.

About Amchara Somerset
Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta

Enjoy the ultimate detox in the sun on the historic island of Gozo; Europe’s best kept secret.

About Amchara Gozo
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Further personalising your stay

Enhance your experience with our 360° health tests

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To support you to achieve 360° optimal health we operate a series of functional tests and produce you a personalised plan tailored to your needs and goals. These advanced tests include urine, saliva, blood and stool analysis and examine in detail your hormones, gut health and genetic health.

The tests are not readily available on the NHS and would only normally be available in the NHS from; endroconologists for hormone health, gastro-intestinal consultants for gut health and Geneticist for genetic health. Our tests are sent to our partner laboratories and help us to create your unique ‘fingerprint’ of health.

Once we understand your lifestyle and functional health needs then we provide you a personalised long-term nutrition solution that works for you and your unique needs.


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Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth