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Personalised Health in Action

An Amchara Health retreat is a personalised experience in health that provides the following:
Health Consultations
Entry and Exit Health Consultation with a qualified naturopath
Pre-Stay Screening by our medical doctor
Healthy Nutrition
Personalised Nutrition - fresh juices and/or raw, vegan, healthy cooked food
Daily talks & demo’s with our health team
Daily Talks
Daily Exercise and conditioning classes with extra activities
Access to optional Personalised Health Tests & Treatments
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“The knowledge that the stay is for you. Your health plan is personalised by our professional health team towards your goals and health.”

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Personalised Health - now made enjoyable

Your relationship with food

The standard diet today is commonly laced with sugar, unhealthy fat, unnatural salt, chemicals and additives; these were not in the food chain a hundred years ago. The speed at which this has happened has not allowed the body to make the necessary evolutionary adaptions.
“In the Western world our food has changed more within the last 60 years than it has in the previous 10,000.”

Unhealthy addictions lead to bad habits

Research has shown that combinations of sugar and fat can be addictive. For some, there is an enhanced natural tendency to crave these foods. As many of these are embedded into our culture, it makes avoiding them and committing to healthy dietary changes even more challenging. Bad habits around these foods, and other addictive substances, can quickly form and are hard to break.

Developing permanent healthy habits requires a strategy

Our effective strategies include:
  • Work on a 1:1 basis with our personalised health team and support coaches who understand food triggers
  • Create positive options by adding in enjoyable alternatives; for example healthy raw chocolate brownies
  • Exploring mindfulness principles that help teach you to create a gap between the stimulus and response.
  • Educational talks to include plans about how to make the change process sustainable and doable

The foundation of personalised healthThe Detox Process

Your body is constantly removing unrequired or harmful chemicals (toxins) from itself. However, in a world that is understood to increase both the external and internal toxic load, your body may be challenged to do this thoroughly.

How the body Detoxifies

The main natural pathways of detoxification include; liver, bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system. The food and drinks you consume, chemicals you use on your body and the environment you live and breathe in, may result in these organs struggling to keep you healthy and vibrant.

Introducing the Amchara Detox

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Amchara offers you the chance to switch off from the ‘real world’ negatives within diet and lifestyle, allowing your body greater potential to detox on every level. A personalised strategy will be designed meet your health goals comprising eating carefully chosen foods and/or fasting. Working with our Health team, your medical history will be taken into account during this process. During your retreat, our Naturopaths eliminate potentially toxic foods. Sugar, dairy products and grains (particularly wheat) are removed and replaced, dependant on your requirements, with foods understood to hold considerable health benefits.

Gains in Detoxing

In high-pressure environments, good decisions can be hard or even impossible to make. Whilst with us you will be encouraged to allow your mind the space to develop a strong platform for mental balance and clarity.
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Fasting - The Ultimate Detox

Fasting, if prescribed by out health team, facilitates a powerful, rapid and safe detoxification process. Kick starting changes and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. This option at Amchara dependant on your medical history and goals.

Why Fast?

Although we have evolved to fast from food as a natural basis of the hunter gather lifestyle; in the modern lifestyle it is never forced and therefore it is far less often that our bodies go into ketosis – the act of operating off our natural energy reserves – Fat. One key advantage of fasting is that it reduces IGF-1, an immune marker that has been associated with increased risk of cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Dr Michael Moseley emphasises this in his best seller, ‘The 5:2 Diet’. He explains that a 4-day fast, in his studies, reduces IGF-1 levels by 40%. Dr Moseley also discusses a considerable amount of research into the other benefits of fasting.
  • Juice with some fruits like apples and pears

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  • Juices with vegetables only (fructose free)

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  • Water fasting

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Within your programme, the type of fasting chosen is tailored to your health goals and current medical status.

Time to Change for Good

Amchara health retreat experience is designed to help you detoxify both physically and emotionally. You are immersed in a positive and supportive environment; increasing the opportunity for your body and mind to start the change process, move toward a greater sense of well-being and heal. We understand that is important to help you develop long term habits to underpin your health now and for the future. Our mission is to help you achieve this.
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Enjoy the ultimate detox in the sun on the historic island of Gozo, Malta; Europe’s best kept secret.
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