Food Combining Diets

Food Combining Diets

Digestive problems are very common.

Heartburn, gas, and other digestive and bowel problems affect almost everyone.

These problems are not only annoying to have, they are also signs of poor digestion and eating habits.

You can avoid these problems by chewing your food properly and using a food combining principle that will allow your body to digest the food easier.

Food combining is simply eating the right types of food together, to make it easier to digest.

Of course, eating a large variety of food is healthy for us to do, but it’s not good for our digestive system to try to digest it all at once.

We are under the impression that we have to have one of every food group on our plate at every meal and that’s simply not true.

When you eat food according to what will be easiest to digest you are doing your digestive system a huge favour by allowing it to do its job properly.

For example,  proteins and starches have different digestive requirements.

So if you eat them in one meal it becomes hard for your body to digest either one of them.


Proteins require an acid environment to digest properly while starches require an alkaline environment.

Your digestive system can accommodate both environments at one time, but it obviously cannot create both at the same time.

Fruit has very special requirements and should always be eaten by itself.

Fruit is one of those lovely foods that quickly passes through your digestive system on its own.

But if you eat fruit with starchy foods or with protein the fruit cannot just pass on through the digestive track like it should, as it gets mixed up with other food that doesn’t have that privilege.

The sugar will then ferment in your stomach and bring about bloating and gas.

Melons are even quicker at going through the digestive process and should be either eaten alone or with other melons.

This will avoid sugar fermentation in the stomach.

Here are the basic rules for food combining:

1. Vegetables with starches are fine.
2. Vegetables with proteins are fine.
3. Protein and starch is a no-no – (meat and potatoes!)
4. Fruit is always eaten alone or with other fruit.
5. Acid fruits with nuts and seeds are okay.
6. Acid fruits with sweet fruits are okay.
7. Melons are eaten alone.


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