The Effects of Pesticides: 3rd Grader Proves Organic Is Healthier

The Effects of Pesticides: 3rd Grader Proves Organic Is Healthier

So, you think that non-organic produce isn't that bad, huh?

Well think again, as 8 year old Elise in the USA proved in her 3rd grade science project for school.

Her cool project showed that organic produce is far healthier than the chemical doused alternatives that we're being told by our governments worldwide are safe (even though it's well known that the sprayers wear huge white suits and gas masks to spray the plants with).

Elise's science project showed that the produce sprayed with a chemical known as bud-nip in the trade of fresh produce (which has been shown in other research to cause tumours, by the way), did not even begin to grow over the month that she conducted her project, while the organic options grew far better.

Image of Sweet Potato


The Project - Is Organic Best?

Elise's project didn't actually start out to test organic at first.

She started out just testing out how long a potato would take to grow vines with her grandma.

But after waiting 3 weeks with no growth, and then repeating with another sweet potato getting the same results, they talked to the produce man at the store.

He told Elise and her grandma that the potatoes would never grow vines because they get sprayed with a chemical referred to a bud-nip at the farm.

He pointed them in the direction of the organic sweet potatoes, and sure enough, after a month the potato had grown a few wispy vines.

They decided to go a step further, and so they visited a local organic food market specialising in pure organic foods, and they tried the experiment a third time with a true organic sweet potato.

After just a week, the potato had sprouted huge strong vines, which was really impressive but not only that, it showed the dangers of the chemicals used on the produce that we eat.

Elise's interest was aroused after this experiment and so she and her grandma researched bud-nip and found that it is a chemical called chlorpropham, which has been fatal in tests on animals. When chlorpropham is sprayed onto any plant, it is taken into every art of the plant, and so cannot be washed off.



A Little More On Chlorpropham, or Bud-Nip

Chlorpropham gets the nickname bud-nip because it is a sprout inhibitor and it's designed to prevent produce from sprouting once it's been picked.

It is usually sprayed on the produce a month after it has been harvested.

This chemical is not used or allowed in organic produce, and you can see why in Elise's video.

In laboratory studies, animals were killed by chlorpropham as it caused inflammation in the stomach and caused for the intestines to bleed. Long term exposure (as in, eating non-organic produce all your life) can cause cancerous tumours to develop in the body.

So there you have it. If you weren't convinced about why organic is best, hopefully, you are now.

*At Amchara Health Retreats, we only ever use organic produce for our fresh juices and meals.


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