The 7 Rules of a Longer, Happier Life

I was recently reading some literature regarding the concept “we are what we eat” and realised that there are some areas of the planet where life expectancy exceeds others. The interesting part of this, is that in these areas, not only is life expectancy increased, but the inhabitants lives are more active, productive and fulfilling. Illness and conditions such as depression and anxiety are greatly reduced.

These areas are called “Blue Zones”, and there is one in the south of Ecquador, one on the islands south of Italy and one in the desert in southern California. When these areas were visited and observed, it became very apparent that the people in these areas across the World shared some similar habits… simple habits, which we should learn from.

1. They grew everything they ate, without chemicals
2. Food was predominantly plants and vegetables, often raw and always seasonal
3. Meat was from animals which were fed and raised in natural ways
4. They took longer to prepare their food
5. They chewed their food on average ten times longer than in other areas of the World
6. Meals were eaten sitting at a table, with family and friends
7. Life was lived with a strong family bond, a strong sense of purpose and belonging to the community

Learning from these simple habits is a necessity in our fast paced life, where food has become too convenient, too full of toxins and often a process of popping something into the microwave. If you want the proof that what you eat has a direct relationship to how you feel; I challenge you to eat for 7 days, with the 7 rules above firmly at the front of your mind…

Following the simple rules within this article from Amchara Detox, can help lead to a healthy, happy life, that promotes weight loss and detox.

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