Relaxing With Reflexology

The practice of reflexology is a natural type of healing that works with the body itself to promote total wellness.

Reflexology takes into consideration both the physical and emotional state of one's health working towards a goal of relaxing the body to allow healing to take place.

With the main focus on the body's ability to heal itself once it is free of tension and stress, reflexology techniques can enhance sleep, alleviate muscle aches and pains, and provide relief from many types of headaches and pain and pressure from inflamed sinus membranes.


Reflexology is most often administered in conjunction with traditional or alternative medicine.

Reflexology is generally administered to the feet, but can also be applied to the hands as well.

Practitioners advocate that the areas of the feet and hands that they focus on are directly related to other body parts. By massaging and applying various levels of pressure to certain areas of the hands or feet, the other corresponding body parts will benefit and respond, resulting in a healthier energy flow to the affected areas.

Generally, the left hand or foot represents the left side of the body and visa versa. The inside of the foot represents the spine and the outside of the foot represents the arm and shoulder areas. The head and neck are reflected in the toes and fingers, and the ball of the foot is believed to correlate to the upper back, heart and lungs.

Reflexologists are trained in applying just the right amount of pressure to just the right area to produce the needed relaxation and healing to the corresponding areas of the body.

It is important to realize that reflexology is not a cure for medical conditions but more of a promotion of positive attitudes and energies to encourage positive body awareness. Many people believe that effective healing begins with a positive mental attitude. The goal of reflexology is to relax the body and relieve tensions that can inhibit a positive outlook.

Reflexology clients often report that after treatments they feel very relaxed and calm. A general sense of well being often replaces feelings of worry and stress during administration of the therapy. Another benefit is believed to be better circulation to the hands and feet.

While the benefits of reflexology are not founded in scientific proof as of yet, it is an art that has been recorded as far back as Egyptian times and continues its popularity today by many who seek out various other alternative medicines from their Toronto, Ottawa or Ontario wellness specialists. And who can argue with how wonderful it feels to have a good foot rub at the end of a long day?

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