Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Not only is what we eat important but it is also the preparation and intention when we consume it.

When we eat or drink in a rush (such as when running out the door to work or in front of the television in the evenings), we don’t give ourselves a chance to begin the most important first step of nutrient intake. Ideally, we want to minimize multitasking while eating.

Healthy raw food ( by Amchara Gozo Pool)

From a physiological perspective, undigested food that hasn’t been chewed enough, can often pass through digestive system and put unnecessary stress on the body – remember, your bowel and colon don’t have teeth! Sally, Amchara Gozo’s Nurse and Colonic Hydrotherapist often sees clients with a range of digestive issues and she stresses the importance of being mindful while eating; “chewing slowly and properly releases your digestive enzymes and puts your body in a relaxed state. Therefore you’re able to digest your food much better.”

But how do you know if you’re not digesting your food well? Colonic hydrotherapy is a great place to start, as Sally says she often sees undigested food and other issues during the treatment, giving the client valuable insight into how their digestive system is functioning.

Interestingly, Lara (our Emotional Support and Nutritionist at Amchara Gozo) says “your state of mind while eating, affects your emotional well-being.”

Lara advises guests that they should avoid “shocking the body into digesting food, but rather ease into it – as digestive issues like bloating, gas, and constipation can be caused by eating quickly” says Lara.

From a weight loss perspective, “the more mindful and slower you eat, the more nutrients you absorb and you will feel fuller faster. “ This in turn gives your brain a chance to register that you’re full and therefore you’re unlikely to overeat.

Tips for mindful eating:

  • Minimize noise and visuals around you. Ideally, sit at a table – just you, your meal and cutlery.

  • Take a moment before your meal to stop, look and appreciate your meal. Keep in mind that a lot of preparation and work has not only gone into the meal itself, but every single ingredient has passed a lot of hands to get to your plate!

  • Put cutlery down once you’ve taken a bite and don’t pick them up again until you have swallowed. Often we take a bite and then we are immediately focused on picking up the next serving while we’re still chewing.

  • Chew your food 10-20 times before swallowing.

  • Focus on the smell, taste and texture of each bite, so you can appreciate the entire meal each bite at a time.

At Amchara Gozo, we have an indoor and outdoor juice and meal area, with limited distraction where guests can enjoy their meals with others mindfully. Or alternatively they are welcome to take their meals back in their apartments.



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