Fabulous Fasting: An Introduction

Fabulous Fasting: An Introduction

Recent research has uncovered some fascinating data that can change your life. 

It suggests that exercise and diet alone do not necessarily give you all of the health benefits required to stay youthful and healthy for longer.

Scientists have, for many years, been doing tests that suggest that fasting can help you to remain younger for longer and extend longevity, as well as massively cutting the risk of many common diseases to the point it is highly unlikely that they will ever be an issue to your health.  

To help you understand more about fasting we have put together a set of three articles which are designed to inform you of the astounding facts and research behind fasting, and how scientists are beginning to prove that fasting can reduce the risks of, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

In some cases the research suggests that the risk of many of these illnesses can be eliminated altogether.


This first article will give an introduction to the idea of fasting and will confirm the benefits that have been associated in fasting, and we will cover the basics of this modern research. 

The second article will cover the physical benefits of fasting and its link to longevity, and will go into more detail with scientific facts and references from studies. 

The third will discuss the benefits on mental health and mental longevity and how fasting could delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

If you know someone with diabetes, or are you diabetic yourself, then these articles may be of particular interest as there are health benefits for diabetics, which we will explore over the course of the articles. 

Of course, the subject of fasting and longevity is of particular interest to us at Amchara Detox & Health Retreats as this recent research is very closely linked to what we do. 

Through fasting you can detox your body and ensure optimum health and longer, more fruitful life, Fasting can help with your health.

Our detox retreats have been using juice fasting as part of our regime for a long time, and what’s interesting is that even though we’ve known clients benefit just by seeing them and hearing their stories science is now beginning to catch up with this truth.

These articles highlight the reasons behind this.


Introduction to Fasting and Longevity


Image: Dr M Moseley

Recently, an interesting BBC horizon documentary presented by Michael Mosley was aired on television called ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’, which takes you on a journey to discover the health benefits of fasting and its link to longevity.

He discovers that exercise and healthy eating are not enough alone to increase longevity, and begins to explore how we are able to be healthier and live longer.

He meets 101 year old Fauja Singh who still regularly runs full marathons (including the London Marathon this year) and asks his secret.

Mr Singh says that he eats smaller portions of food, and this intrigues Mosley and inspires him to look further into how eating less can lead to longevity and optimum health.

Mosley meets lots of researchers and one of them, an Italian scientist, shows that there is a link between the human growth hormone called IGF-1 and longevity.

He has found through numerous studies that a decrease in the IGF-1 hormone leads to a longer life by up to 40%, and the scientist has discovered that IGF-1 is reduced by intermittent fasting.

Dr Mosley tries a four day fast himself and the difficulty of the venture leads him to explore an easier way of getting the same benefit of an IGF-1 reduction without such intense fasting.

This leads him onto other researchers who have proven with research that a 5 day feed, 2 day fast diet also has the same benefits of IGF-1 reduction as the more severe four day fast that the Italian scientist had been studying.

He also finds that alternate day fasting has health benefits and can help to manage weight and diabetes issues, however this diet of a fast day which allows consumption of a tiny number of calories, followed by a feed day whereby the participant can eat whatever they like, did not carry the same benefits of IGF-1 reduction as much as the longer fasting periods and more controlled feeding days.

In summary, Mosley feels that he has found the ultimate health tool in fasting, which could mean a lifespan of up to 130 years for a human, compared with a normal human lifespan of 80-90 years.


Cutting Health Risks

One of the most interesting bits of research in fasting and longevity is how fasting can cut the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer so that the person who is fasting has very little or no risk of dying from these diseases. 

The research that has so far been conducted suggests that a reduction in the IGF-1 hormone causes cells to slow down and work more slowly, which results in more cell repair in the body, and we will go into more detail on this in the next email on physical health.

At Amchara Detox Retreats, juice fasting is incorporated into our retreats which can provide the same benefits as the fasting explored in the BBC Horizon documentary, and could help you benefit from longevity extension by reducing the IGF-1 hormone.

Juice fasting has all the advantages of fasting as advocated by Dr Mosely but it has one great additional advantage, juice fasting floods the body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Juice fasting has been described as having an ‘internal shower’.

This enables your body to go into repair mode but with the boost of healthy juicing.

In the next article, we will explore the physical benefits and look from a more scientific view at how fasting and longevity are linked, and how it can help you to stay younger and healthier for longer. If you would like more information on our retreats, please take a look at our retreats page on the website or contact us.

If you have the will power and environment then you can do this at home instead of coming to our retreat.

Obviously, at our retreats we also provide you with exercise classes, nutritional talks along with wheatgrass and professional supervision to help you to get the best out of your fasting diet and to assist you in a complete detox.

Remember, if you do decide to opt for home fasting, ensure that you first consult your GP or another medical professional to ensure that there are no underlying health problems that could pose a risk when fasting.

They will be able to assist you in fasting in a controlled manor and can monitor you.

Fasting is not recommended for pregnant women and those who are suffering from some other serious health issues.


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