Coconut could save your life!

Coconut could save your life!

Coconut is one of the most amazing foods known to man.

Coconut contains everything that we need to live, hence its name in Ancient India ‘kalpa vriksha’, meaning the tree that supplies all that is needed to live.

The coconut palm is known from studies to support the immune system, and can be used as a natural antiviral, natural antibiotic, natural antibacterial and natural antifungal.

It has been used for these purposes for thousands of years and still is today. Coconut also helps to lower cholesterol, aids the healing process, keeps blood sugar levels safe and can even replace blood plasma in a life or death emergency.

It is only in recent years however that the full extent of the health benefits that coconut has to offer, and it is truly astounding.

Let’s go back to the lifesaving ability of coconut.

During World War 2, coconut water was used in the Pacific to replace blood plasma for transfusions for injured and dying soldiers as plasma was scarce.

Coconut water, amazingly, is almost identical to human blood plasma, and thus it was suitable for soldiers with all blood types.

Astounding antioxidant properties

Coconut contains an abundance of antioxidants and this makes coconut useful for keeping bad cholesterol levels in check, aiding digestion, stabilising blood glucose levels, keeping wrinkles at bay, losing weight, improving thyroid production, regulating hormones, building and replacing cells, fighting off viruses and colds, improving metabolism, killing off bad bacteria, slowing memory loss, fighting infection and much, much more.

It’s clear to see why coconut is like ‘food gold’ in so many cultures, and all coconut products give great health benefits, including coconut water, flesh, oil and cream.



Coconut Water Health Benefits

The coconut fruit itself is a natural water filter. It takes around nine months for a coconut to filter every litre of water stored in the coconut shell. 

This means that the water found inside the shell is beautifully pure and sterile, another reason why it is safe for blood transfusions.

Coconut water also has the highest concentration of electrolytes than anything else on earth, so it is the best thing to drink to re-hydrate.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Coconut oil is considered to be one of the best choices for cooking in terms of health, even more so than olive oil. 

Coconut oil does not form polymerised oils or trans-fatty acids unlike most other oils when they are ingested in our bodies, which are very unhealthy and dangerous – these nasties cause bad cholesterol levels to skyrocket, clog up our arteries and make the skin wrinkly.

The oil instead delivers healthy antioxidants to the body to help with general health, increase longevity and ward off illness and disease.

Plus, when it is cooked with, the coconut flavour of the oil weakens so not everything tastes of coconut.

Although coconut cream is really good for the skin, it is even healthier to use coconut oil to hydrate the skin.

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