Candida Diet

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What is Candida?


Everybody has candida, it is the “undertaker” of the body, when we die the candida actually gets to work helping the body decompose.  Candida is very stubborn, spores of candida have been found in Egyptian tombs 5,000 years after they have been reopened.


In my opinion the best way to beat candida overgrowth is to do so with diet and also natural supplementation when required. Below is my recommended dietary advice and pointers but I would always advise you consult a nutritionist or naturopath for a tailored diet:

First thing in the morning swallow a clove of partly crushed garlic with water, garlic is natures antibiotic, studies show that it kills the bad and protects the good. Candida does not like garlic. The smell you get from garlic is an enzyme called allinaise. Amongst other things it works its way into the blood and helps to clean it. If you’re worried about the garlic smell, which is expelled via the breath or skin, then munching on the herb parsley can help to neutralise it.


Oregano is revered as a herb to help candida, it has strong anti-fungal properties and eating the leaves fresh when you can is wonderful, you can’t have too much if it. Remember to make sure it’s organic if possible. Always wash your vegetables and herbs before consuming them. You may also take a few drops of oregano oil as a supplement in water, but be careful with this as it is very potent and again I would consult a naturopath or nutritionist before doing so.


Candida thrives on refined sugar, wheat and yeast so you want to get good nutrition into your body by avoiding these things. Candida sends signals to the brain that crave sugar, it will fight to be fed and it won’t give up easily.


For your breakfast juice any of the following ingredients: cucumber, celery, broccoli, peppers, cabbage, courgette, add lemon juice and ginger. Lemon juice helps to alkalise the body and tastes wonderful in juice. Ginger helps to boost the immune system and contains zinc.

If you’re consulting a naturopath or nutritionist then apples and pears might be good. Some people disagree with this as these fruits contain natural sugars, I would always get tailored advice.


Vegetables are fantastic, either steamed or raw. Carrots can be grated into salads so you have them in their raw state. Dressings can really help too to alkalinise the body,  in particular with apple cider vinegar.  If you’re making vegetables then adding seeds or nuts is a wonderful way to boost both the substance and the vitality of the salad. Fresh soups with fresh veg are recommended too and sauerkraut is very good, particularly raw.


Wheat is not good, it’s sticky and clogs up the gut, instead try rye bread. Avoid dairy, particularly cheese, milk and butter. An alternative to milk is oat milk and an alternative to butter could be nut or seed butter, I particularly enjoy pumpkin seed butter.

For supplementation a good quality pro-biotic will help increase the amount of good bacteria in the gut.


Things to avoid


Refined sugar, alcohol, wheat, cheese, milk, butter, coffee, processed foods and cheap meat stuffed with growth hormones are all on the ‘to avoid list’

Avoid using oils for cooking, oils are very sensitive and wonderful in dressings but when we cook with them they immediately change their structure and they normally become trans fats. If you must use an oil use one that solidifies at room temperature, the brand, Higher Nature, make a coconut oil that doesn’t even taste of coconut.



To aid the elimination process colonic irrigation or coffee enemas can be brilliant. If you wish to attend one of our 7 day detox retreats then colonic’s or coffee enemas are part of the programme. For more information about Candida please click here


If you have any specific questions then please feel free to email me directly karen@ or call me on 0207 603 7744


Good luck and best wishes


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