Colonic Irrigation

At an Amchara retreat we offer colon cleansing with a full colon hydrotherapy treatment, administered by a colon hydro-therapist. To supplement this we also offer enema kits and can provide specialist enema coffee or wheat-grass infusions. Together they aid the detoxification process and we highly recommend at least one full colon hydrotherapy treatment, with a therapist, during your stay. The colon hydrotherapy, enema kits and specialist infusions are charged extra. Please review the location treatments page for full details.

Colonic Irrigation is an internal cleansing process where water passes through the large intestine in a gentle flow, flushing out all of the toxins from your colon. Intestinal cleansing is an important part of a detox experience although colonic irrigation is not obligatory. There are those who may wish to refrain from the colonics and detoxify solely on the juice fasting programme; this is still very effective and we can offer colon cleansing herbs for those who are medically not suitable for colonic irrigation.

What happens to our bowels and why?
A modern diet has lead to a large increase in gut dysbiosis. Your intestinal tract is a complex organ that has to consume and digest every piece of food that enters your mouth. Often it is filled with denatured or processed foods that constipate and irritate the colon, making it extremely hard to process food and digest it efficiently. Our colons are responsible for absorbing water, vitamins and minerals from our food. A constipated and toxic bowel is unable to adequately absorb these essential nutrients. This can lead to a nutritional deficiency and an imbalance in the gut flora.
Causes of Bowel Toxicity
When food is not digested properly it begins to build up in your colon and irritate the delicate walls of the intestine. The natural reaction is for the bowel to create a glue-like mucus to protect it, which also builds up in your colon creating more of an irritation and dysfunction in the bowel. This slows up the digestive process, allowing for toxic substances that would otherwise be eliminated in a fully functioning bowel to pass through into the blood and lymphatic system. This then spreads into other tissues and can overburden other organs in your body such as the liver which now has the arduous task of dealing with this toxicity. The body’s white blood cells also have to work over time to fight these toxins, leaving very few to fend off pathogenic micro-organisms that lead to disease.
Symptoms of Bowel Toxicity
You may get constipated, experience flatulence, abdominal swelling, and IBS. These are just some of the physical symptoms associated with bowel dysfunction. Other symptoms less obvious in relation to our colon are headaches, skin problems, difficulty in losing weight, low energy levels, liver disorders and emotionally held issues. If you are experiencing any of these your bowel most certainly would benefit from a detoxifying colonic cleanse.