Functional Health
Balance Your Hormones

The Five Main Hormones

Out of the 100 or so hormones there are five major hormones that strongly affect how we look, feel, think and behave.

We don’t guess, we test!

Measuring your hormones

These are advanced tests that are not readily available on the NHS. Measuring your hormones is your fast track to better hormone health. Once we have your results it helps us further personalise a tailored health experience for you.

Results and Recommendations

From your results we give you a personalised solution tailored to your needs

Balancing your hormones

Restoring hormonal balance is a whole-body concept which involves changes to diet, lifestyle and environment. At Amchara we believe it can be achieved in five simple steps.
With your personal health goals in mind, we aim to work together with you to tailor a nutrition and supplement programme that facilitates detoxification, stimulates energy, aids sleep, re-balances your weight and ultimately regains equilibrium in all systems in your body. Our progressive approach to your health experience involves the latest testing technology combined with a team of dedicated health practitioners to guide and support you through this process.

Amchara Balance Hormones

The next steps

The journey to balancing your hormones and revitalising your health can sometimes just be a few simple steps.

We can support you in one of two ways:

Amchara Balance Hormones

Online consultation with an Amchara hormones expert

Amchara Balance Hormones

1. Book an appointment
At a time that suits you

Amchara Balance Hormones

2. Expert consultation
With a doctor or specialist

Amchara Balance Hormones

3. Personalised plan
Created to suit your needs

Start your journey to better health with an Amchara consultation.