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How IHHT can improve your health

How IHHT can improve your health

Intermittent – Hypoxic – Hyperoxic Therapy (IHHT) is non-invasive and safe procedure.

It involves breathing in hypoxic (low oxygen) air and alternating between intervals of hyperoxic (high oxygen) air through a mask.

IHHT can improve cardiovascular performance, balance the autonomic nervous system as well as improve fat and sugar metabolism.


How does it work?

The majority of our cells contain mitochondria which are known as the “Energy Making Factories” of the cell.

By reducing the body’s oxygen intake in the hypoxic phase of IHHT, the old and exhausted mitochondria (which contribute to increased ageing and many chronic diseases) are destroyed and the healthy mitochondria are stimulated to reproduce at a faster rate.

The combination of hypoxic and hyperoxic stimuli trains the mitochondria to allow the cell’s regeneration potential to be optimally controlled.


What are the health benefits?

This simulated altitude training improves the production of cellular energy.

This helps to protect you from various diseases. It is widely assumed that many chronic and lifestyle diseases are associated with damaged mitochondria.

Healthier mitochondria can:

  • Improve cardiovascular performance
  • Help to balance the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Improve Immune System Function
  • Increases adaptability of the Respiratory System
  • Improving fat and sugar metabolism
  • Energy Production
  • Improve Athletic Performance

With lots of young, healthy mitochondria, energy production is more efficient and damage via oxidative stress on the body is dramatically reduced.

This procedure is normally repeated over a 50 minute session per day, with a full treatment course taking three to four weeks.

We offer IHHT at Amchara Gozo as part of our Functional Health programme.

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