Going Solo

Going Solo

A Restful Retreat in Good Company

A holiday can easily morph into another juggling act.


What’s the key to an incredible holiday?

Often we return from a well-earned break feeling exhausted, strung out and possibly a little frustrated. 21st C living may well push our health boundaries on a routine basis.

We crave some time out unrestricted by deadlines, alarm clocks, Iphone reminders, and as parents the onslaught of school emails and weekend driving trips to deposit children at exciting events.

Those moments to lounge by the pool, dabble in a novel or two or exchange kind words with partners who we rarely spend quality time with are so important.


But do those moments happen?

When we require time out, we need just that – time out.


But holidays do not always provide the promised image we have created in our heads.

Our holiday companions need to be entirely on the same page as if there is a clash of itinerary or we are moving at different speeds to our partners, friends or children this is when things go haywire.

A holiday can easily morph into another juggling act.


So, what is the answer?

Should we go solo. Well, there are benefits – you get to move at your own pace and eat when and what you like.

But shared moments are what memories are built upon and you may find yourself looking over your shoulder.

Humans thrive on companionship. Undoubtedly loneliness is a social epidemic in the UK, so although many travellers are keen to go solo, there is usually an element of socialising built into the agenda.

If you are seeking relaxation and time well spent on you then a health retreat is a fabulous option.


The first step is to identify your needs and then to shake off any sense of guilt based on the indulgence of spending precious time away from your family, entirely focusing on you.

As women, we are prone to feelings of guilt when contemplating a cheeky week away.

When in fact, if you need to re-charge then you will be all the more efficient at whatever your role on return, and a great deal calmer.

I believe that the answer lies in going solo but choosing a setting which attracts like-minded people; a health retreat which offers you the space to cleanse, to indulge the mind and body in yoga and meditation, to relax by the pool or to find bliss in the spa but all with the option of socialising to your own needs with fellow solo-cleansers.

A place where there is no obligation to do anything that is not at your very own pace.

This I found at Amchara last May. A Retreat which allows you to meet like-minded people in a warm and supportive environment.

Amchara is where active break meets spa, with the option of dipping into the activities and social opportunities at your own pace, an opportunity to forge new friendships, to travel for you without travelling alone.

Belle AmattBelle is a Nutrition Consultant with a BSc in Nutritional Medicine and a lecturer in Naturopathic Nutrition located in West Sussex.

Her days are spent nourishing, advising, educating and supporting clients on obtaining healthier and happier lifestyles. Belle lectures for the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and Brighton, she creates and hosts a variety of nutrition workshops, writes fiction and has a passion for food styling.

The main aim of her work is to inspire, and to allow and encourage the finest health and wellbeing through knowledge and motivation.

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