360° optimal health

A health programme designed to support you to long-term optimal health

To achieve this we focus on 3 areas vital for your health:

These 3 parts can work individually or collaboratively and with this information we are able to create a personalised health plan tailored to your health needs and health goals.


Your personalised health plan

To support you to achieve 360 ̊ optimal health we operate a series of functional tests and produce you a personalised plan tailored to your needs and goals. These advanced tests include urine, saliva, blood and stool analysis. Your samples are sent to our partner laboratories and give us you unique ‘fingerprint’ of health helping us to form your personalised plan.

We support the analysis of these tests with our skilled functional medicine practitioners.

The advanced tests that we work with are not readily available on the NHS. The tests we do offer would only normally be available in the NHS from; endroconologists for hormone health, gastro-intestinal consultants for gut health and Geneticist for genetic health. It would normally take you months or years to become ‘ill enough’ to be referred to these experts.

We combine naturopathic principles with functional medicine.

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a private health model that is the future of health for the 21st Century.

Functional medicine tackles the underlying causes of disease and poor health. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. Conventional medicine tends to have a disease-centred focus. However functional medicine, the medical basis for Personalised Health, addresses not just a set of symptoms seen in isolation but the whole, unique person offering a more patient-centred approach.

Some people have deeper complications that need even more testing and understanding but for most people this is enough. If we can support you and personalise this support for you then this creates the foundation for good long-term health, excellent longevity and very low risk of disease.

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Health optimisation
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Our 360 ̊ health programme is designed to support you to long-term, optimal health. We aim to empower you to increase your longevity and quality of life, reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s and also to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

To achieve this we focus on 3 areas vital for your health: your hormone health, including the endocrine system and your adrenals, your thyroid and main sex hormones, your genetics and your digestive tract.


Gut Health

“All disease begins in the gut”


...so therefore health must begin in the gut too

Normally chronic health conditions stem from the gut. We regard gut-health as a vital cornerstone for foundation of complete health, 40% of adults in the UK present with IBS in their lifetime.

People say we are what we eat, this is not quite true. We are in-fact what we assimilate (absorb).

Over the last decade our understanding of gut health and the importance of a healthy microbiome has accelerated. Even genetic diseases can be affected by the balance of our gut bacteria since this influences the way our genes are expressed.

Amchara Gut Health

Compromised gut health is associated with:

Poor immunity • Increased risk of cancer Fatigue • IBS • Crohn’s Disease • Systemic inflammation Autoimmune conditions • Autism • Food sensitivities • Hormonal imbalances • Skin conditions Obesity • Arthritis • Allergies

Having a healthy gut microbiome is vital for your immunity and your optimal health. Your gut hosts 70-80% of your body’s immune cells.

What happens with good gut health?

Absorption: This is the process by which the nutrients in food are passed on to the blood.
Immunity: We have around 10 trillion human cells and 100 trillion bacteria cells in our body.
Digestion: The process by which food is broken down into simple chemical compounds that can be absorbed and used as nutrients or eliminated by the body.

Test don't guess!

At Amchara we offer you the opportunity to have a highly comprehensive test that analyses your digestive tract to objectively evaluate the status of your gut health and identify contributing factors to gastrointestinal complaints and other chronic system conditions.

The extensive panel provides key information on the following areas:

  • Parameters for digestion and absorption
  • Inflammation
  • Immunity
  • Leaky gut
  • Quality of gut microbiome
  • Presence of yeast overgrowth
  • Parasitic infections
  • Susceptibility testing to prescriptive and natural agents
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Hormone Health

“A well-functioning endocrine system is vital to homeostasis”

Kirstie Chisholm, Amchara Health Director

Good hormone health is fundamental to 360O health. If one of your hormones is sub-optimal then this can impact the harmony of your whole hormone health.

At Amchara we examine the key pillars of hormone health; the adrenal gland, thyroid gland and sex hormones. If one pillar is overloaded or weakened, then the whole structure can be compromised.

Amchara Hormone Health

Hormone imbalances are associated with:

Fatigue • Weight gain or loss • Menstrual Irregularities • Infertility • Low libido • Depression Anxiety • Brain fog • Palpitations • Migraines • Insomnia • Skin conditions • Hair loss Digestive issues

The seven main hormones

Hormones are powerful chemicals and extremely important, they help regulate our heart rate, metabolism, appetite, blood sugar levels, mineral balance, digestion, reproduction, growth, mood and sleep.

Out of the 100 or so hormones there are seven major hormones that strongly affect how we look, feel, think and behave.

Test don't guess!

To help you explore your hormone health Amchara offer comprehensive laboratory tests. These advanced tests can measure all of your key hormones. These extensive panels use combinations of dried urine, saliva swabs and blood for accurate and reliable data.

This test data helps us to discover exactly where any health problem might lie and be compromising your health. From which we can personalise a plan tailored exactly for your health needs.

As part of your hormone health experience, our expert team can guide you to select the appropriate functional test for you and your health needs. Once your tests results are returned by the biomedical labs then we can review your results and support you with a complete clinical assessment supported with an in-depth virtual consultation before forming your bespoke plan, personalised to your lifestyle and health needs.

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Genetics & Epigenetics

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

Lucretius 1st Century BC

Nutrigenomics vs Nutrigenetics

Nutrigenomics is the study of how food and nutrients affect our gene expression. For example; how do omega 3 acids in oily fish “switch off” part of the immune system to prevent excess inflammation? Our ‘gene expression’ is impacted by what we eat. Gene expression is also called epigenetics, this is the study of how our genes respond to their environment.

Amchara Hormone Health

Nutrigenetics is how our DNA and genetic variations affect our response to nutrients. For example; how a variation on the MTHFR gene affects our ability to use the vitamin folate – is nutrigenetics.

Knowledge of our specific nutrigenetic expression creates an opportunity to make positive changes to reduce our susceptibility to illness and disease.

Genetic expression

While we can’t control our genes, we can affect their expression — whether they’re likely to get “switched on” or “off”. This is referred to as ‘genetic expression’ and is strongly shaped by our environment. If we know you have a genetic manifestation that means you are susceptible to weight gain or a disease then our approach is that you bathe those genes in goodness and reduce your risk of disease or aid recovery.

Once we know the details of your genetic variants, then we are able to produce you a personalised lifestyle and nutritional plan. These changes can strengthen your bodies resilience to common chronic illnesses and aid recovery from some chronic disease.

Test don't guess!

The sample collection is straightforward. A simple saliva swab is all we need. The results are sent to our partner laboratory and the comprehensive test gives us deep analysis of how your genetic make-up and your gene expression.

Once we have your results returned you will receive your comprehensive personalised report and a 1:1 consultation

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The core health team at Amchara UK
Card image - Kirstie
Kirstie Chisolm

Health Director

Card image - Rose
Rose Chamberlain

Naturopathic Nutritionist

Card image - Patricia
Dr. Patricia Saintey

Amchara Doctor

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Aly Whitely

Holistic & Emotional Support Therapist

We have a fantastic team of people at Amchara Somerset. From highly experienced naturopaths and health experts to executive chefs and qualified exercise instructors, we’re all here with one aim - to help you Change For Good.


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Energised & Revitalised

“I have benefitted physically, emotionally and mentally in many ways. I have challenged myself, tried lots of new things and felt energised, revitalised and most importantly empowered to lead a happier, healthier life.”

Pippa, June 2019
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“Firstly lovely staff and experts. An overriding feeling of support and happiness. Depending on what detox or diet you are on, all delicious and nutritious. Carefully worked out and individual. Loved all the yoga, meditation and talks.”

Nic - January 2019
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor

“Went to have a real break and get away from everything, it was fantastic - calm, healthy food (delicious) and wonderful walks and yoga. Very comfortable and I feel SO much better after only one week - thank you Amchara - really hope I will be able to come again.”

GarboGubbins, January 2019
Amchara Health Retreats on Trip Advisor

Two stunning locations
Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK
  • Amchara Health Retreats Somerset, UK

Improve your health & vitality at Amchara’s rural 19th Century country Manor in the stunning Somerset countryside.

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Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta
  • Amchara Health Retreats Gozo, Malta

Enjoy the ultimate detox in the sun on the historic island of Gozo; Europe’s best kept secret.

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Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth
Amchara Health Retreats Instagram @amcharahealth